She’s revealing the ugly tooth about her beautiful new teeth.

A Texas model says dental implants left her with bruising so bad that she looked like a human “Rorschach inkblot test.”

Jessica Macko, 44, had all-on-4 dental implant surgery on Apr. 2, with an oral surgeon removing the mom’s real, rotting teeth before screwing 14 fakes into her mouth.

While the San Antonio resident was warned that the procedure could cause pain, swelling and some bruising, she was startled by the severity of the dark marks that started appearing all over her face.

“The day after I had the implants put in, my face swelled up then the bruising started the day after that,” Macko recalled in an interview with Kennedy News. “I got quite scared. It just kept getting worse and worse every hour.”

Selfies snapped by the mom-of-three show the purple bruising beginning at her neck and reaching all the way up to her eyes.

“It was horrific because I’d never seen bruising like that on anyone’s face,” she stated, adding that she looked “like a monster” four days after her surgery.

Macko claimed that the bruising was coupled with unbearable amounts of pain.

“It hurt so much,” she declared. “I guess it just causes a lot of trauma… I did not understand the brutality of it.”

Macko said she could not sleep or eat for the first week after the surgery, saying she would “cry at night.”

When the extreme bruising appeared all over her face, she returned to her oral surgeon to ask whether it was a normal side effect.

“He explained that it was always a possibility and said he’d even seen one person with it worse,” she stated. “I’m also anaemic so that could cause bruising.”

Macko says her all-on-4 procedure was medical, as opposed to cosmetic, as her teeth had suffered extensive damage from an eating disorder she battled in her younger years.

Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can cause tooth decay, while bulimia can erode tooth enamel through excessive contact with stomach acid.

Now, more than two weeks after the procedure, Macko’s bruising is finally beginning to subside.

Despite the unfortunate side effects and the extreme amount of pain she suffered, the mom doesn’t regret getting the implants.

“Thankfully I’m healthy now [after the eating disorder], but part of getting the new teeth was my healing process,” she stated.

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