• Natalie’s weight loss journey began after leaving Mike and moving to Florida, where she started dating Josh Weinstein.
  • In addition to liposuction, Natalie followed a three-month keto diet with intermittent fasting to lose over 30 pounds.
  • Natalie used to be a professional model in Ukraine and now lives in California pursuing her Hollywood dream.



90 Day: The Single Life star Natalie Mordovtseva has been showing marvelous weight-loss results in her before and after photos. Natalie is a 38-year-old from Kyiv in Ukraine who became a reality TV celeb with her 90 Day Fiancé season 7 debut. Natalie was in a loveless relationship with Mike Youngquist from Sequim, Washington, after meeting him through mutual friends. Natalie admitted she didn’t love Mike, yet moved to the U.S. once her K-1 visa was approved. However, Natalie and Mike’s relationship didn’t last long.

Natalie was unhappy when she was with Mike. She realized staying in his small town would never help her become a Hollywood star. Natalie moved to Florida after leaving Mike and started dating Josh Weinstein. Natalie’s relationship with modeling agency CEO Josh was documented in 90 Day: The Single Life. Natalie has truly transformed herself since she came to the U.S. She’s now been living in the country for over four years and, within that time frame, Natalie has had quite a makeover. Natalie’s weight-loss progress impressed viewers.


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Natalie Was A Professional Model In Ukraine

How Natalie Looked Before 90 Day Fiancé

Natalie used to be a pageant queen before she became a professional model. Natalie had revealed her past as a pageant competitor, sharing a throwback photo. In August 2021, Natalie revealed she had participated in the “Miss City” contest while she was still in college. Natalie was studying journalism at the time. As per Natalie, her focus was only on her studies, and it was her “only major priority.” Natalie claimed she only made it to the top 5 and didn’t secure the first position. Natalie’s tall, skinny frame may have dictated her career as a model.

Natalie mordovtseva throwback model Ukraine In 90 Day Fiance three side by side images

In April 2021, Natalie shared several old photos from her modeling portfolio on X. Natalie tweeted, “Hi Guys! This from one of my modeling shoot,” and added the hashtags, “#beautyqueen, #fashionstyle, and #art.” Natalie wore different kinds of dresses for the shoot. She stood tall in a red wrap-around dress and wore a floral printed sheath dress in a different photo. Natalie was pin-thin in the pictures as she smiled for the camera. Natalie did justice to all kinds of outfits in the photo shoot.

Her slender frame in these pictures is what Natalie may have missed after getting married.

Natalie Gained Weight After Coming To The U.S.

Natalie’s life in Sequim was far away from the glitz and glamor she was used to living in Kyiv. Natalie was in the middle of nowhere and spent most of her time alone at home as she waited for Mike to return from work. Natalie did make sure to eat healthily while she was in America. She made a big deal out of Mike eating French toast on her first day in the U.S. because she thought it was unhealthy. Natalie chose to munch on carrots, quietly in a corner. Natalie even started exercising while eating.

However, Natalie wasn’t able to stick to her diet and food preferences for a long time.

Natalie had wanted Mike to lose weight since 90 Day Fiancé season 7. She’d compared Mike to her ex-husband, who was an army man and maintained a fit physique. It was the unhappiness from her new living situation that affected Natalie greatly. Viewers started noticing Natalie looked different in her newer photos clicked in Mike’s hometown. Gone was her angular jawline and defined cheekbones. Natalie now has a round, full face in all her new pictures which she’s now deleted from her Instagram feed.


90 Day Fiancé: Clues Natalie Got Back Together With Mike After Divorce News

90 Day: The Single Life star Natalie Mordovtseva is sparking reconciliation rumors with Mike Youngquist after revealing her new last name.

While Natalie had substantially gained weight off-screen, her ongoing storyline on 90 Day Fiancé still had her looking slimmer. Natalie’s Instagram updates raised eyebrows as Natalie started Photoshopping her body to look thin. Natalie and Mike were already separated by April 2021, and she had seemingly started her new life in Florida. A fan had commented, “With what you went thru I am happy to see you living your best life, congrats,” on her Instagram and Natalie had replied,I was so stressed and kept eating and put [on] like 20 pounds.” Natalie’s marriage was taking a toll on her.

Natalie’s Weight Gain Sparked Baby Rumors

Natalie Was Not Pregnant At All

Natalie avoided sharing her newer photos on Instagram. Most of her updates were throwback photos from her modeling days. Natalie was still living in her past where she had a happier life back home without having to worry about her future with Mike or how she would conquer her Hollywood dreams. When Natalie shared real-time photos, the word “unrecognizable” was used to describe her. Natalie had gained weight on her face and her torso. Her bigger chest sparked rumors of her getting breast augmentation done when it was just weight gain. Then there were rumors of Natalie being pregnant.

Natalie was not proud of her new curves.

She used to use editing apps to give herself a smaller face and push her tummy inside. The editing wasn’t flawless and fans began to wonder if Natalie was Photoshopping her baby bump when she was just trying to give herself a slimmer waist. The comments seem to have affected Natalie so much at one point that she refused to share any photos of her lower body. The strategy backfired since fans were now certain that Natalie was expecting and cropping her growing baby bump deliberately to avoid spoiling her storyline.

Natalie’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Natalie Has Revealed What She Did For Weight Loss

Natalie Mordovtseva Cooking Blini Butter In 90 Day Fiance 3

In April 2021, Natalie asked her fans to send prayers as she was going to undergo a secret operation. Natalie’s fans were concerned about her health, but the star soon revealed she was getting liposuction. Natalie got the procedure done on her stomach, belly, and waist. Natalie said that while she had been looking slimmer in clothes, she did have a bigger tummy that made her feel self-conscious. Natalie was happy with the way her chest looked, so she didn’t want her breasts to go away if she had overall lost weight.

Natalie Shared Healthy Recipes With Fans

Natalie Mordovtseva Before After Weight Loss 90 Day Fiance

Apart from her liposuction, Natalie also changed her eating habits and adopted healthier habits in her day-to-day life. Natalie took the help of an expert and went on a three-month-long keto diet. Along with intermittent fasting and exercise, Natalie was able to bring about a considerable change in her appearance. Natalie began sharing her favorite recipes to lose weight with fans on her YouTube and Instagram. Natalie revealed she starts her day with a large cup of black coffee and a big bowl of colorful fruits for breakfast.

How Natalie Looks After Losing 30 Pounds

Natalie Is Not Giving Up On Her Hollywood Dream

Natalie has so far lost over 30 pounds. She’s in California and living her Hollywood dream as she figures her relationship status out. Josh is still not ready to accept Natalie as his girlfriend, although he doesn’t mind spending time and money on her. Mike, meanwhile, has already rejected Natalie’s pleas to make a baby with her. Natalie doesn’t post actively on Instagram anymore. However, her recent photos from a Pre-Academy Oscars Red Carpet in Hollywood in March 2024 show how much fitter 90 Day: The Single Life star Natalie is now after successfully maintaining her goal weight.

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