Los Angeles Lakers co-owner Johnny Buss is launching an Independent presidential campaign for the 2024 election.

The announcement comes as voters are looking for more options, following rumors of another NBA team owner considering a White House bid.

What Happened: Buss officially announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election with a kickoff event on Thursday at the Los Angeles Forum, the former playing home of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers.

Buss, who serves as the vice president of Strategic Development for the Lakers, is a co-owner of the team with an 11% ownership stake, according to Front Office Sports.

The eldest of former Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss’ kids, Johnny Buss has been involved with the team and other sports assets for decades. The 67-year old is listed as a businessman and entrepreneur in the campaign announcement.

“Buss seeks to inject a fresh perspective into the political arena and unwaveringly commits to promoting peace, fairness, justice, and prosperity for all Americans,” a statement from his campaign team said.

Being called “The Buss Tour,” the Lakers co-owner is campaigning to become the next president of the United States to provide a “better future for our children and grandchildren.”  

“Johnny Buss envisions and America where every citizen has equal opportunities to thrive, regardless of background or circumstance.”

Key priorities listed for Buss’ campaign include education reform, healthcare access, economic recovery, racial equity, immigration reform, rebuilding global leadership, financial literacy, empowering women, and ending human trafficking.

“When it comes time for elections, Americans should have choices that excite them and create a sense of unity and hope for our shared future,” Buss said.

He added that it’s important that America leads “with compassion, innovation, and most of all integrity.”

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Why It’s Important:

The 2024 election is fast approaching, with less than seven months until the Nov. 5 vote.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been the frontrunners for the Republican and Democratic parties respectively for months. Despite their lead, a portion of voters still believes there should be other candidates running in the race.

Polls suggest a tight race in a rematch of the 2020 presidential election, but many voters also remain undecided or are considering third-party candidates.

Previously running as a Democrat in the election, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is also running as an Independent and could be one of the highest vote getters as a third-party or Independent candidate in the presidential race in years.

Joining the race late could prove a huge hill to climb for Buss along with his lack of political experience.

It will be interesting to see how new election polls and betting odds respond to Buss’s official entry into the race.

Dallas Mavericks co-owner Mark Cuban was the subject of speculation about a potential 2024 presidential run following his past comments on a political future. Cuban’s exit from “Shark Tank” and sale of majority ownership of the Mavericks led to further rumors of a potential run for the White House.

While Cuban isn’t running, Buss becomes the latest sports owner to run for office. Former President George W. Bush once owned Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers.

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