It’s about time for an update like this.

Apple’s iOS 18 update for iPhones and other devices appears to have a very subtle, yet handy upgrade for people with dead phones.

In the fall when the new operating system is released, even if your battery is zapped, the current time will still be displayed in the upper lefthand corner of the device, according to

The new feature was first spotted earlier this week by a Reddit user and was lauded by commenters.

“This is actually really neat,” one person wrote.

“OH, that’s quite nice,” added another.

The tiny user aid joins several other upgrades revolving around iPhones’ usage in emergencies.

Now even without cellular service or WiFi, a person can point their device at a nearby satellite to send messages.

Hiking trail maps have also been made available when service is not available and the Emergency SOS feature can now live stream.

It is also being reported that users can now control the radius and beam of an iPhone’s flashlight from a wide angle to straight.

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