The Northwest Independent School District and the U.S. Navy came together in Justin on Saturday to hold a memorial for 27-year-old Nathan Gage Ingram, the Navy Seal from Trophy Club, who went missing in January during an operation overseas.

“Today, we’re going to have a ceremony to honor Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Nathan Gage Ingram. We have family members. We have members who’ve served alongside Gage, and we have quite a few community members who have come out to honor the service and sacrifice of Gage,” said U.S. Navy Ensign Tony Curtis.

On Jan. 11, U.S. officials said the Navy Seal and Byron Nelson High School graduate was on a mission to board a ship suspected of carrying illicit Iranian-made weapons to Yemen.

They said when one of his fellow Seals slipped, Ingram jumped in to try and save him.

But despite days of search and rescue efforts, both men were presumed dead, lost at sea.

“When someone of that caliber, a hero for our country, is lost, we want to honor and pay tribute to him,” said Erika Sillee.

As a Trophy Club resident and Air Force Veteran, Sallee said she felt it was essential to bring her daughters to the memorial at Northwest ISD stadium, a reminder of the sacrifice associated with the service both aspire to and a chance to pay respect.

“I’ve seen what it is to serve and what it means for families, especially, so seeing what we can do for his family, it means something very important for them,” said Sallee’s daughter Riley.

Outside the ceremony, which was closed to media, Curtis shared a few words from Ingram’s family.

“They want to express their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the local community, first responders, and law enforcement, as well as the Northwest ISD, for their unwavering support and compassion during this difficult time,” he said.

“They are grateful for the overwhelming outpouring of love, kindness, and generosity from familiar faces and strangers alike offering their condolences and prayers, and it has touched their hearts.”

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