With five-month-old daughter Florence perched on her hip, designer-painter Karolina Liebers stole the spotlight at Collina Strada’s New York Fashion Week show Friday.

Florence, wearing a teal onesie and hat with bejeweled ear coverings, ogled the audience as her mother paraded down the catwalk in a light, floor length frock — one of 36 looks crafted by brand creative director Hillary Taymour.

Gathered the underbelly of Rockefeller Center for yesterday’s runway show, style savants were treated to an exuberant presentation set to head-banging tunes — the type you’d expect to hear while pumping iron.

Titled “Stronger,” the collection emphasized the power of the “femme body and mind.” What better way to exemplify womanly brawn than to showcase mothers?

“In a man’s world that believes might is right, we at Collina Strada believe femme is a flex,” the show notes read.

And while little Florence may have been the star, designer Maddie Moon, 32 weeks pregnant, had heads turning in black lace boxing shorts and a mint-colored blouse — buttoned only above her bump.

Moon told Vogue that Taymour — who designs garments for those “typically overlooked by fashion” and then books them for her runways — didn’t want Moon to “feel like a blob.”

“Sometimes it can be hard to find clothing when you’re pregnant,” Moon said.

“But when I tried on the outfit I ended up walking in, I just felt changed. Typically, there isn’t regard for how the model feels in the clothing, but I felt sexy in this, and so that’s why it was chosen,” the expectant mother explained.

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