Patrick Mahomes can do anything he puts his mind to or writes down in a text, apparently.

Already a two-time Super Bowl champion, the Chiefs quarterback wrote in a text in January that he had decided to win another, his wife Brittany revealed in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

In an iMessage dated Jan. 5, the Chiefs signal-caller wrote: “I decided we are going to win the Super Bowl.”

That came two days before Kansas City closed out its regular season with a 13-12 win over the Chargers with backup Blaine Gabbert getting the start.

And Mahomes’ confident text came just 10 days after the Chiefs looked anything like world beaters, as they dropped a home Christmas Day matchup to the Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium.

Questions swirled about Mahomes and the Chiefs and if they had enough pieces on offense to go to another title.

But the Chiefs went on a run in the AFC playoffs, winning the first two road games of Mahomes’ playoff career to earn a berth in Super Bowl 2024.

The quarterback said in the leadup to the big game in Las Vegas that the Raiders loss was a wakeup call.

“I think we all had to look at ourselves in the mirror. I think our whole team did that,” Mahomes said, according to The Post’s Brian Costello. “We carried that momentum in the playoffs. Sometimes you need to get your tail whooped to be better on the other side. So I appreciate the Raiders for beating us like that, ’cause that’s gotten us to this game.”

And, after the Chiefs clinched their ticket to a second straight Super Bowl with a win over the Raiders, Mahomes again had an excited text that his wife shared.

“I’ll see yall in Vegas I’m not done,” he wrote on Jan. 28.

And he wasn’t done, of course, as he led the Chiefs to their third Super Bowl win in five seasons, engineering a game-tying drive at the end of the fourth quarter before a winner in overtime that was capped off by a touchdown pass to ex-Jet Mecole Hardman.

He threw for 333 yards and two scores to secure the game’s MVP.

Whether the text was a way for Mahomes to motivate himself or he’s some sort of Nostradamus, his message rang true.

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