Peloton instructor Callie Gullickson announced that she welcomed her first child with husband Chris Howell after 24 hours of labor.

Gullickson, 30, shared the first photos of her baby boy on Sunday, March 31. “✨Cash James Howell✨ has blessed us during Holy Week,” she captioned the pics via Instagram. “Our sweet 8lb 9oz angel made us parents early Saturday morning and we’re truly on cloud 9.”

She first announced the news via Instagram on on Saturday, March 30. “Taking in all the newborn snuggles!” she wrote captioned a photo of herself holding her baby boy while in a hospital bed. “I’m doing well and baby is perfection! Can’t wait to share all the things.”

She also shared insight after giving birth for the first time. “Let me just say, women are incredible. Was in the hospital Thursday evening and didn’t have the little man until last night at 2:14am. There were so many moments where I was like omg how am I going to do this and then I called upon all the women in the world who have been capable and fortunate enough to experience this before me. So I have you all to thank ✨💛.”

Gullickson added, “Side note. Labored for a little over 24 hours but only pushed for 25mins and I owe that to working out! I was literally like 3 sets of 10s I GOT THIS!”

The former dancer announced her pregnancy news in October 2023 with videos of herself and Howell, who married in 2021, walking off into the sunset while holding sonogram photos. Since then, Gullickson has been open and honest about her experience ahead of becoming a new mom.

“I have to say the moment I found out I was pregnant I was equally excited as I was nervous,” she shared via Instagram in October. “This fear of omg our lives are about to change, am I ready for this, will I be good at it? Which was so confusing to me as someone who has wanted to be a mom ever since I can remember. Then on top of it all I remembered, ‘oh my gosh I will be going through this process in front of millions of people on the Peloton platform’ and THAT terrified me as it would anyone… I think? Lol.”

However, her fears were calmed after she received such a warm reaction. “But WHO WAS I KIDDING?” Gullickson wrote. “You all are freaking amazing and I am so lucky to have you by my side cheering me on while creating a human life whether you take my peloton classes or just follow me for me. So thank you thank you for your support, encouragement and LOVE. MOM ERA LOADING 🔋.”

In the days since becoming a mom, Gullickson has remained vulnerable and truthful, opening up about the messiest parts of postpartum life, from feet swelling to diapers. She even explained how she’s handling the pain of her perineal tear.

“Keeping it real: I did experience a second degree tear,” she shared on Sunday. “I have barely felt it though and I think it’s because of all the products I’ve been putting in the diapers and alternating between Motrin and Tylenol.”

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