Why the long face? Ozempic.

Amid the weight loss treatment’s skyrocketing popularity, surgeons believe that Hollywood is experiencing a spike in the side effect known as “Ozempic Face.”

Several doctors claimed to the Daily Mail that celebs from John Goodman to Sharon Osborne are among those hit hardest by the alleged condition.

For the uninitiated, some side effects of taking Ozempic include sunken eyes, gaunt cheeks and saggy skin, often making the user appear older and more deflated.

“Ozempic face is essentially the same characteristics that we see when patients have rapid or regular weight loss,” Dr. Smita Ramanadham, a plastic surgeon in New Jersey, told the Daily Mail. “We see a loss of volume in the face, and when we lose fat in the face we see signs like the cheeks are more sunken in, more sagging skin and a general hollowing out of the features.”

The injectable treatment mimics a naturally occurring hormone that tells the brain it’s full, thereby curbing the appetite and inducing rapid weight loss.

Ozempic’s fat-fighting capabilities have understandably made it all the rage in body-obsessed Hollywood, which has allegedly resulted the aforementioned rise in “deflation,” according to experts.

After examining pics of 15 celebs who experienced a major weight loss transformation, a panel of surgeons speculated that at least half may have suffered from this facial emaciation.

The surgeons analyzed the case of actor John Goodman, 71, who shed nearly 200 pounds — nearly half his heaviest weight — since 2007.

Goodman has denied taking Ozempic and the “Roseanne” actor credited dieting, exercise and giving up booze for his pound-shedding pilgrimage.

“You see more lines, more wrinkles, and more deflation in his face as he loses weight compared to when he was heavier and his face was fuller,” Ramanadham declared of Goodman. “These changes are just very typical of overall weight loss regardless of whether weight loss drugs were used.”

Also on the list was singer Robbie Williams, 49, who admitted in the fall that he was taking something “like Ozempic” without specifying the treatment.

Ramanadham believed this was evident in his visage, describing: “You can see a hollowing under the eyes and the cheeks and more wrinkles appearing because of a loss of volume. With Robbie, you can see the direct results of weight loss.”

“Ozempic face” was less pronounced with women, surgeons said, because they’re traditionally more likely to obscure flaws with fillers and makeup. However, they did point to Sharon Osbourne, who reportedly lost 42 pounds on the drug, as the most “dramatic” example of the condition.

“Her eyes look more sunken in, her cheeks have more hollowing,” claimed Ramanadham. “There is a significant loss in facial volume as well, and more wrinkling that is associated with it.”

Other alleged Tinsel-frown sufferers included Jessica Simpson, Scott Disick and Liam Payne, although surgeons attributed the latter’s streamlined countenance to buccal fat surgery, in which the fat pad is cored out of the cheeks.

Ozempic face is one of many side effects associated with the drug, of which 9 million prescriptions were written in the last three months of 2022, the Daily Mail reported.

Along with causing people to lose face, the treatment has also been blamed for including vision problems, constipation and even changes in personality.

Meanwhile, in January, several Ozempic adherents claimed they stopped taking the drug and ended up regaining more weight than they lost.

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