The return of the QVC host sparked some concerns from fans after going missing from television looking slightly different on-screen. But here’s what happened, Kim Gravel just revealed she has Bell’s palsy.

Who is Kim Gravel and Why Are People Worried About Her?

Kim Gravel, 52, is a TV personality best known for hosting the retail giant QVC to launch her successful apparel line, Belle by Kim Gravel.

At the young age of 19, she was one of the youngest Miss Georgias in state pageant history and even went to represent her home in the Miss America pageant.

Gravel is also known for her “Dr. Phil-esque” type of approach when it comes to being a Life Coach, mentor, advisor, and consultant specializing in women’s empowerment and beauty and image perception.

Around December 2023, fans noticed that she was absent from the QVC program.

It wasn’t until 2024 that she addressed her television absence for quite some time and even brought up some of the medical issues she has been dealing with personally.

Well, in line with that, her fans saw that something seemed different with her as Kim Gravel’s face looked “droopy.” Here’s what she explained.

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QVC Host Kim Gravel Opens Up About Bell’s Palsy Struggle

Recently, Kim Gravel shared about her struggles having Bell’s Palsy in a TikTok video.

Gravel detailed that about 15 days before the launching date of the beauty brand, Love Who You Are, she “gets Bell’s palsy.”

The QVC host described it as having “scraggly hair” and “can’t even smile” because her cheek hurt “so bad.”

It is worth mentioning that Bell’s Palsy is “an unexplained episode of facial muscle weakness or paralysis.”

According to the Johns Hopkins medical website, the condition starts all of a sudden and worsens over 48 hours. Pain and discomfort “usually occur on one side of the face or head” and can strike anyone “at any age.”

However, despite so, Gravel tries to end on a positive note, even when her doctor confirms that she might not get better, “But I’m okay. I’m gonna go on TV like this, I don’t care. You’ve got to face it till you make it, not fake it till you make it. And you gotta trust God’s plan.”

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After opening up about her medical struggles with Bell’s palsy, Gravel took the time to promote her new beauty line called Love Who You Are.

The brand is dedicated to promoting “inner love & acceptance” through its cosmetic products, which Gravel thought was “not only a lesson but a blessing”, considering that the LWYA brand’s mission is to help women “rediscover their innate worth.”

In the post, Gravel’s caption reads: “@lwyabrand is the embodiment of your own definition of beauty. Enhance the beauty that you already possess. #LoveWhoYouAre is all about YOU! 💄”

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