Randi Mahomes said she and her family have moved on from “fake allegations” against her 23-year-old son Jackson Mahomes, who was arrested in May 2023 for aggravated sexual battery.

During a recent appearance on the “Got It From My Momma” podcast, Randi, the mother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, recalled the “tough” time and explained that she’s limited her screen time due to the hate Jackson receives.

“We put this pasture behind us. There were some fake allegations against him that finally came out, which was a lot — Besides my mom passing, with all this at the same time.” Randi said. “We were blessed that it all got dropped because of the situation, for other reasons.”

Jackson, who has 1.1 million followers on TikTok, was accused of assault and forcibly kissing a woman against her will at a restaurant in Kansas City on Feb. 25, 2023.

The influencer was later charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery and an additional count of misdemeanor battery stemming from the incident.

Jackson appeared in court in January and the three felony charges were dropped, according to the Associated Press.

The fourth charge for misdemeanor battery, which Jackson pleaded not guilty to, still remains.

“It was [tough],” Randi said, adding that she leaned on prayer and her bible study group at the time.

“You find out really who people are when you go through those trials. And even for my children, all of them, it brought us all closer together … We might have moments, we’re still a normal family, but it brought us together to support and to love and to stay away from a lot of media and hate and reading some of the stuff.

“As a mother, as I watch a TV station that loves one child and then absolutely hates the other, it not only affects me, it affects both of my children and it affects my daughter. We’ve gotten to where we turn off the TV.

“When people say, ‘Oh, I Googled this,’ and I’m like, ‘Haha, don’t because 90 percent of it is not true … I’ve gotten to where I don’t watch the news, I don’t read comments.”

Randi did say that Jackson is the family’s “rock” and has “one up” on Patrick because he’s her only kid who graduated college.

Mahomes left Texas Tech after his junior year to enter the NFL draft in 2017, when the Chiefs selected him No. 10 overall.

Randi also recalled reaching out to Kris Jenner — the Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch and manager — a few years prior, when she was just learning the business.

“She probably doesn’t even remember, but I reached out to her because I wanted someone my kids could relate to that would see her as a mom or successful children. I talked to her, she shared a lot of great knowledge and great information for me,” Randi said.

“The first thing she shared and the one thing I didn’t listen to forgive me, I shouldn’t have done this — the first thing she said is, ‘You need a lot of good attorneys.’

“I was just trying to find my way and i knew she was on a much bigger scale than me … I look back now and I’m like, absolutely, wow. If I share with a mom that’s coming up through this, that would be what I share.”

Randi and her family will be in attendance when Mahomes’ reigning champion Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 2024 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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