Jill Zarin seemingly clapped back at her critics following her recent appearance on Below Deck.

“Thank you @themelindaspringer and @mrnoahspringer for an amazing trip,” Jill, 60, wrote in a since-deleted Instagram Story on Wednesday, April 3, alongside a picture of her and pal Melinda Springer on the yacht. “We made a great show together but this summer’s trip NO cameras! Love you both ❤️❤️❤️.”

The Real Housewives of New York alum made headlines after her guest episode aired on Monday, April 1. During her time on the yacht, Jill irritated crew members with her countless demands. Stew Barbie Pascal was the first to try and accommodate the former housewife but was frustrated behind the scenes.

“I think she’s annoying and I think it is too much,” Barbie said in a confessional. “You are a freeloading guest who is extremely demanding. This is too much for me. I need another stew just for Jill.”

Despite being upset with Jill at the time, Barbie admitted after watching the episode back that the reality star wasn’t as bad as it seemed on camera.

“You guys, I watched the show back, and I don’t think that Jill was as bad as it looked,” Barbie said in an Instagram Story video on Tuesday, April 2. “And I just wanna also say that there were so many other moments where she was super fun and sweet and nice.”

In addition to asking for more things on the boat, Jill also gave the crew some tips on how to manage the ship better from their bathroom amenities to their dining service.

“Can I give you another recommendation for the yacht? I had this on mine. A button for the primary and it is like a doorbell,” Jill said to chief stew Fraser Olender after complaining about the timing of her meal delivery. “I used to have a doorbell and it would go up to the kitchen.”

Ahead of the episode, Fraser and Captain Kerry Titheradge teased that Jill’s time on the boat was a lot for them to handle.

“She’s sweet. She’s very lovely and very funny — but demanding,” Fraser exclusively told Us Weekly in February. “[But] all guests are demanding. They’re charter guests and they’ve got their preferences and sometimes they can be frustrating.”

Fraser also shared that Jill had a wild preference list for her stay and the most memorable request was what type of ice she wanted.

“She didn’t like any of the ice apart from a specific one. From a specific freezer,” he recalled. “So we had to have a specific ice box that kind of followed wherever she went. I love it. If that’s the biggest concern, then we should [be good].”

Below Deck season 11 airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes stream the next day on Peacock.

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