The Governor’s precise slot is unknown yet.

It appears the rapprochement between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis may be real after all.

As multiple sources are reporting, with NBC News first, Florida’s Governor will offer remarks, contradicting previous reporting that he would not be speaking.

DeSantis was slated to be at next week’s event in Milwaukee, but up until now he seemed slated for lower-profile events off the main stage. These include a Moms For Liberty panel and a keynote speech at a Republican Party of Florida breakfast, as well as the “Southern States Fest” event, where he and other Sunbelt Governors are slated to appear.

DeSantis, who buried the hatchet with Trump after underperforming in the Iowa Caucus, had already committed to help the former President raise funds. DeSantis’ fundraising goal was previously said to be an effort to help Trump’s operation get a $10 million boost.

The unity meeting between the Governor and the nominee, held this Spring, included discussion of personal issues, the Florida Governor told Fox News viewers.

“A lot of it was just connecting about things,” DeSantis told Sean Hannity. “I mean, look: he’s a dad, he’s got a kid going to college. I’m a dad. I’ve got three young kids in the household. He’s concerned about how my wife was doing. Obviously, she had a cancer scare a couple of years ago. So it was just a good meeting and a good conversation.”

“The meeting was fine, went long, ended with a handshake,” asserted one-time DeSantis ally Susie Wiles to Florida Politics after the two politicians met. “They discussed the full range of policy issues and politics, too. Ron’s role in the campaign is yet to be determined, but he was clear that he wanted to help in every way he could.”

What’s clear now: Trump is willing to have DeSantis help in a more prominent role than expected previously, a good sign for the Governor and an indication that the rancor of the primary season is relegated to the dustbin of history.

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