Fishy fad or nutritious treasure trove? Experts aren’t sure about sea moss.

Sea moss is the hottest wellness product beloved by A-listers and touted by TikTokers who consume heaping spoonfuls of the neon blue gelatinous goo while hawking its health benefits.

Sold by upper-crust grocers like Erewhon, the algae is available dried, mixed into gummy dietary supplements and in a gel or liquid form, such as Kourtney Kardashian’s Lemme drops.

Despite claims that sea moss — a type of algae found on the rocky coasts of the Atlantic Ocean that contains a number of good-for-you minerals — has an abundance of health benefits, experts are skeptical that it is any more nutrient-packed than your standard fruits and veg.

Miranda Galati, a Canada-based registered dietitian, told USA Today that the algae “may have some health benefits in certain qualities,” there is little research to back up the claims.

According to VeryWell Health, sea moss, or chondrus crispus, has been linked to improved gut, thyroid and immune health.

“Unfortunately the health claims behind sea moss are mostly unsupported,” Galati noted.

In fact, health-conscious consumers could run the risk of iodine poisoning when taking sea moss supplements due to the variability of iodine amounts depending on where it grows, according to Healthline. Too much iodine can result in an under-active thyroid, or hypothyroidism.

And, in addition to gastrointestinal symptoms or allergic reactions, sea moss also poses a risk of consuming heavy metals, since algae absorbs and stores potentially toxic heavy metals in large quantities, per Healthline.

Not to mention, sea moss could interact with some medications, Galati added, emphasizing the need for a discussion with a doctor before introducing the so-called superfood to your diet.

People who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have health conditions or are over the age of 65 should probably avoid consuming sea moss, she noted.

“It might have some potential benefits, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk,” she said.

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