Dearest Gentle Reader: The date of our long-awaited (four whole weeks) return to the world of Netflix’s Bridgerton is finally here.

After a tantalizing four-episode drop on May 16, today the second half of the beloved, Regency-era drama is available on screens worldwide, and we’re all obsessed with emulating its aesthetic.

Costume designer John Glaser has long maintained that period accuracy is only one consideration in bringing Bridgerton’s fabulous frocks to life. Equally, if not more important, is the way that clothes can tell a story.

So we’ve taken a page out of Lady Whistledown’s book and — inspired by the distinct styles of Bridgerton’s most iconic families — rounded up 20 corset-style creations for every lady of the Ton.

The Wallflower Blooms

Our favorite wallflower Penelope Featherington is finally in the limelight this season, with a new wardrobe to reflect her ongoing romantic and personal journey. After swearing off the citrus shades favored by her mother and sisters, the secret scribbler has adopted soft blues and greens, which highlight the lovely Nicola Coughlan’s pale complexion.

A romantic at heart, corsets in classic styles and artful patterns best evoke Pen’s transformation both inside and out.

Bridgerton Bodices

The ladies of Bridgerton House have always sparkled most in beautiful blues and sweet floral accessories. Our bodices of choice are all about Bridgerton Blue, fairy-tale lace and the penchant for tweed displayed by Francesca (newcomer Hannah Dodd), the latest Bridgerton Lady to make her debut.

Sharma Chic

The Sharma sisters took Season 2 by storm with their gorgeous gowns. Fans were quick to note that Edwina — the diamond of the season — opted for pinks, while older sister and soon-to-be Viscountess Kate looked regal in shades of purple.

These sweet styles are perfect for the pink-and-purple pair, with a pop of orange to match another of Kate Sharma’s preferred shades.

Featherington Fashions

Under the guidance of matriarch Lady Portia Featherington (portrayed with zest by Polly Walker), the three eldest Featherington Ladies have yet to meet a bright floral they dislike. Opting for dazzling shades of yellow and green, Prudence and Philippa would find lots to love if they had access to these 21st-century styles.

Fit for a Queen

From her towering hairdos to her gigantic gemstones, Queen Charlotte is simply sartorially ahead of her time. “More is more” is the maxim most suited to her wardrobe — and we suspect these decadent selections will not disappoint.

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