Simone Biles showed support for husband Jonathan Owens after the Green Bay Packers lost, bringing their NFL season to an end.

“What a season,” Biles, 26, wrote via Instagram Story on Sunday, January 21, following the San Francisco 49ers defeating the Packers 24-21 the day prior. In the video, Biles and Owens, 28, embraced on the field and shared a few kisses.

Ahead of the game on Saturday, January 20, Biles shared another video via Instagram Story sweetly kissing her husband on the field. “Good luck today baby,” she wrote, adding “go 34” in reference to Owens’ jersey number. “Let’s do the damn thing! I’m so proud of you.”

The four-time Olympic gold medalist and Owens wed in April 2023 after three years of dating. Several months after tying the knot, Owens made headlines when he said he was the “catch” in their relationship.

“I always say that the men are the catch,” he said during a December 2023 episode of “The Pivot” podcast. “She did [pull me], though, because I was fighting it. … At the time, I was afraid to commit. I was like, ‘This is my third year [in the NFL], I’m trying … it’s kind of early,’ but, you know, it happens when you least expect it.”

Owens explained that Biles messaged him in 2020 on the dating app Raya, and claimed that he didn’t know much about the gymnast at first. Biles, who was present during the podcast, laughed at her husband’s comments and said that in a “few years” she will be known as “Jonathan Owens’ wife” more than he is known as “Simone Biles’ husband” now.

Following the controversial remark, the internet erupted into chatter with NFL stars Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce even weighing in with their thoughts during their “New Heights” podcast earlier this month.

After Jason, 36, revealed that Travis, 34, was nominated for Athlete of the Year at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards, he rattled off the names of other top athletes competing for the award.

When Jason saw Biles’ name, he joked, “How is Simone Biles on this … but her boyfriend isn’t?” After Travis laughed, he hinted that the Packers safety might not have enough play time to land a spot on the coveted list.

“He’s played some good ball over there, I guess,” Travis quipped, while Jason joked that it’s “so weird” that Biles would be nominated and not the other way around.

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