Steve Gelbs with former Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom

Steve Gelbs, the New York Mets’ field reporter for SportsNet New York, had a field day at the expense of a vending machine outside the network’s truck at Great American Ball Park, during the Mets’ broadcast of Sunday’s series finale against the Cincinnati Reds.

“One of the keys to my job is to give everyone a sense of place who’s not here with us in Cincinnati,” Gelbs said. “And you know, I don’t want to oversell this or overdo it, but I think that we found maybe the most vile thing that we have experienced in nearly two decades on the air. This is a vending machine right outside the truck. I know everybody’s really into the new food offerings here at all the ballparks, but they don’t really seem to care about our crew. This is what you can get in vending machines – burritos, hamburgers, chili cheese dogs, tuna fish. And I have not seen a soul go to that vending machine and take something out. So I thought to myself, ‘It is my job, just as a journalist, to do it for all of you.’ Because I didn’t want the guys in our truck to experience. So I’ve got a cheeseburger here, a chicken salad sandwich. But the one I heated up before was a chicken, rice and cheese burrito. By the way, I checked the ingredients on the back. I counted them. Did a rough count. There’s over 90 ingredients in this.”

The Mets’ broadcast crew compared Gelbs’ experiment to Kramer from “Seinfeld” eating “that one wrinkled hot dog in the vintage movie theater,” and asked Gelbs if he’s planning on boarding a plane later today and whether he checked the expiration date of the item he ate.

“I did. Apparently April 13th, but I can’t make out the year,” Gelbs joked. “Can I just tell you one thing? They talk all the time about how you’re supposed to go organic. And look at the ingredients and if it’s real food, it’s probably okay. What do you think about this ingredient? Beta carotene apocarotenal.”

In 2021, SNY play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen slammed Skyline Chili during a Mets-Reds broadcast, saying “this is supposed to be food that you actually eat. … Try it once, and then you’ll never eat it again.”

Gelbs was asked what he’d have for dessert.

“I’ll tell you what’s for dessert – Tums,” Gelbs joked. “So after I get through this report, assuming I do get through this report, I’ll take these.”

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This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: SNY Mets reporter Steve Gelbs: GABP vending machine is most vile thing

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