Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is cutting her teeth on the infomercial circuit with a new testimonial for a cosmetic dentistry firm in Texas, which left some on social media stunned. 

“Well, hi. I’m Kristi Noem. I’m the governor of South Dakota and had the opportunity to come to Smile Texas to fix my teeth, which has been absolutely amazing,” the 52-year-old governor says in the nearly 5-minute-long testimonial posted on her X account late Monday night.

Noem, 52, explained that “years ago” a biking accident left her needing a tooth adjustment.

Rather than having the procedure done locally, Noem opted to fly more than 1,000 miles from the South Dakota governor’s mansion, to Sugar Land, Texas, to get the two procedures needed to fix her smile.

“They have been absolutely phenomenal,” the governor said of the dentists at Smile Texas. 

Noem noted in the polished testimonial – complete with before and after photos and several close-ups of her new chompers – that in the world of politics, “everything is speaking and interviews and giving speeches” and she wanted people to “look at me to hear the words that I say and not be distracted by something that I’m wearing or how I look.” 

It’s unclear if Noem was paid for her testimonial, which was also posted to her Instagram account. 

Under the platform’s rules, it would be required for her to disclose any paid partnership she has with the company. 

Noem’s office and Smile Texas did not respond to The Post’s requests for comment. 

“This is an extremely bizarre thing for a governor to post,” conservative commentator Nate Hochman posted on X after viewing the governor’s spot. 

“Who told you this was a good idea?” Joshua Reed Eakle, the marketing director for libertarian non-profit Students For Liberty tweeted. 

“At the South Dakota Dental Association, a day of fire and fury,” journalist Christopher Ingraham quipped on X.

Former President Donald Trump revealed earlier this year that Noem is on his shortlist for potential running mates in the general election. 

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