The City of Bloomington Volunteer Network provides information about volunteering locally. For a complete listing, visit or call 812-349-3433. The inclusion of an organization in this list does not imply City endorsement or support of the organization’s activities or policies.Information and registration links for the following opportunities can be found online at

Volunteer to assist community with practice speaking English

Refugee Support Network (RSN), helps newly arrived families that fled violence in their home country. They are now refugees or asylum seekers who want to restart their lives in our community with most being families with small children. The women are the main focus of the organization since most husbands are working and many mothers remain at home, feeling very isolated and caring for children. Volunteers are needed to meet, perhaps once a week, with a new arrival, typically a woman and children. Initially, the Refugee Support Network meets in individuals’ homes, has a visit and helps them speak English. As trust builds, RSN friends may ask for advice on schools, where to shop and how to navigate the bus system. RSN will meet with potential volunteers first, and then introduce them to a family needing this support. Learn more volunteering at or contact [email protected].

Brown County Humane Society board members

Are you looking for a unique leadership position that will be a fulfilling and inspiring experience? Are you committed to the welfare of animals? If you answered yes to those two questions, the Brown County Humane Society would love to talk to you! BCHS in Nashville, Indiana, is seeking enthusiastic and compassionate people with business, leadership, project management or animal welfare experience to join their board of directors. Board members are responsible for developing policies and programs to ensure the organization fully realizes its potential for good. Board members are active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and are fully engaged in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for BCHS to advance its mission. Learn more and find an application link at Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for additional information or questions.

Carpenters/handy people needed at WildCare

WildCare Inc. is looking for maintenance volunteers to assist with a wide variety of tasks. During some shifts volunteers might be creating a filter for a snapping turtle’s tank, others performing regular maintenance on raptor pre-release flight enclosures. Basic construction and carpentry skills preferred. For this opportunity, large projects can be project-based volunteering, smaller fixes and maintenance on a regular basis. Learn more and sign up today at For additional questions or assistance contact 812-323-1313 or [email protected].

Lend a helping hand by volunteering.

Lend a helping hand by volunteering.

Community Wish List Spotlight

Hoosier Hills Food Bank Wish List

Hoosier Hills Food Bank (HHFB) collects stores and distributes donated food to nearly 100 nonprofit organizations with feeding programs that directly serve needy and hungry people. The HHFB distributes over 3.5 million pounds of food to hungry people each year.

Donation Delivery Address: 2333 W. Industrial Park Drive, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday

Donation Mailing Address: P.O. Box 697 Bloomington, IN 47402

Contact: Jake Bruner at 812-334-8374 or [email protected]

Featured Wishes: food (canned goods, boxed food), fresh produce, monetary donations towards Fresh Friday distributions, books (for their Annual Book Sale), and more

View Complete Wishlist:

You can find the year-round Community Wish List at

This article originally appeared on The Herald-Times: Help refugees, join humane association board, repair items at WildCare

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