Suntergrity is temporarily sunsetting its popular Impeccable Skin Sunscreen Foundations.

The Vegas-based skincare company has voluntarily recalled nine lots of the popular skin tint after discovering traces of mold in several batches.

A press release from the Food And Drug Administration states the decision was made “based on its discovery of a higher than acceptable microbiological mold count (species: Aspergillus Sydowii) in some tubes…”

According to the statement, any topical product contaminated with Aspergillus Sydowii could lead to an allergic reaction, eye infections, and skin infections on open wounds and sunburns.

Suntegrity has instructed retailers nationwide to discontinue the sale of multiple shades of the product in question, and several other lots will also be pulled as a cautionary measure, “even though all original and recent test results received have come back clear.”

Since sunscreen is in high demand during the heat of the summer, The Post has consulted Post Wanted’s resident beauty expert, Victoria Giardina, commerce journalist, and content strategist for her recommendations on selecting an alternative skin tint or SPF foundation in light of the Suntegrity recall.

Giardina has selected three popular brands for consideration — Ilia, EltaMD, and IT Cosmetics.

“I’ve interviewed and had conversations with plenty of dermatologists as a commerce beauty reporter and I can’t tell you how important it is to wear sunscreen every day — not just to help protect against burns but to help prevent premature aging,” she explained.

Giardinia has suggested looking for a sunscreen with an SPF level of at least 30, and the term “broad-spectrum” on the label, to signify it’s providing the dual protection necessary.

Read on for Giardina’s tinted sunscreen recommendations.

“The ILIA Beauty Skin Tint is your facial sunscreen, reimagined,” shared Giardina. The serum is formulated with SPF 40 and hyaluronic acid and is recommended for anyone looking for a flawless, dewy finish. “Its sheer coverage is quite buildable and looks elegant when applied. I love how it feels ‘clean’ on my face; when mixed with bronzing drops, it’s the perfect combination.”

When it comes to color-correcting, Giardina has recommended the IT Cosmetics CC cream. The formula is also available in 12 extended shades, so you can find your perfect match. “There’s nothing quite like the IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF 50+,” explained Giardinia. “It’s the ideal medium-coverage foundation that’s great for helping even out the skin tone. It doesn’t last all day but aside from that, its formulation applies effortlessly and I love how it provides the sun protection I need.”

“The EltaMD facial sunscreen is one of the most cosmetically elegant I’ve tried and it hails from a dermatologist-loved brand,” said Giadina. She pointed out that Elta’s tint is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, creating a shield from UVA and UVB rays, which protects against aging and burns. “I also love how it blends well on my skin that’s sensitive, fair, and dry. It comes in a tinted version as well, but I find it’s the clear version to apply flawlessly, whether worn underneath makeup or on its own.”

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