Super Bowl fans rated State Farm’s ad featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as he fails to comply with a director’s line reading note as their favorite Super Bowl spot for 2024, according to the USA Today Ad Meter.

The “Like a Good Neighbaaa” ad saw Schwarzenegger playing his action-hero persona as Agent State Farm while being unable to deliver the word “neighbor” due to his famously thick Austrian accent. After several failed attempts, the director comes up with a solution that reunites Arnie with his Twins and Junior co-star Danny DeVito.

“We thought the biggest, most-watched event of the year is apropos for what we’re trying to accomplish,” said State Farm chief marketing officer Kristyn Cook. “I think it’s just about the flexibility of what we’re trying to accomplish: This year, it’s all about that iconic slogan, and we are striving to make it even more famous than what it is.”

The USA Today Ad Meter, which has over 160,000 panelists, rated this year’s crop of Big Game ads from Feb. 7-12. Ads eligible to be rated aired during the game from kickoff to the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. The scoring ranged from 1 as the lowest rating to 10 as the highest.

State Farm topped the list with the highest average rating of 6.68, beating Dunkin’s Ben Affleck-starring and directed spot in second place with a score of 6.52.

“For 36 years, USA Today Ad Meter continues to be the leading platform to gauge consumer sentiment around Super Bowl commercials,” said Kelly Andresen, president of USA Today national sales at Gannett. “Congratulations to State Farm for taking home the winning 2024 Ad Meter spot.”

According to the panelists, the top five ads this year were:

1. State Farm, “Like a Good Neighbaaa,” 6.68
2. Dunkin’, “The DunKings,” 6.52
3. Kia, “Perfect 10 | The Kia EV9,” 6.36
4. Uber Eats, “Worth Remembering,” 6.26
5. National Football League, “Born to Play,” 6.23

The complete list of the 36th USA Today Ad Meter results, including previous winners, can be found at the dedicated website.

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