Stephen A. Smith defended Megyn Kelly after she was branded a “racist” for saying the Black National Anthem didn’t need to be sung at Super Bowl LVIII.

Kelly wrote on X after Andra Day’s rendition of the black hymn, formally known as “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” that it “does not belong at the Super Bowl. We already have a National Anthem and it includes EVERYONE.”

The divisive post proved polarizing, though Smith said the harsh criticism wasn’t warranted.

“I don’t know Megyn Kelly at all, OK? I don’t find her statement to be racist,” Smith said on Monday’s episode of “The Stephen A. Smith Show.”

“I find it to be, in her eyes, patriotic. I find it to be, in her eyes, self-righteous. I find her to be a bit detached from reality being faced by black Americans everywhere. I got that part, but I can’t go in the way that I wanted to go in about her when people are out there — from my community — just throwing out the word ‘racist,’” Smith added during a monologue earlier reported on by Mediaite.

“You don’t know that about her.”

He continued: “I’m sick and tired of folks out there — particularly in the black community — being so quick to throw out the word ‘racism.’”

“When you throw out the word ‘racism,’ do me a favor: have more evidence before you do it so it can’t be dismissed via plausible deniability or something else.”

Still, “Megyn Kelly, if you’re watching, you’re listening. I don’t like what you said at all. I think it comes across as highly insensitive,” Smith said, adding that he had “profound respect” for the former Fox host.

Some social media users backed Kelly, calling the Black National Anthem “a manufactured push for segregation that the masses do not support.”

Another said the hymn was created “to cause division.”

“100%!! People are trying to bring segregation back.. Dr. Martin Luther king is rolling in his grave,” a third chimed in.

Kelly’s X post was part of a game-long diatribe during the Kansas City Chiefs’ 25-22 overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers — during which she was called out further for not posting more positive commentary.

“Not into Usher or this halftime show – however I do appreciate that my kids haven’t had anyone’s vag exposed to them on screen as they innocently wait for the football to start. (Hi J-Lo, Shakira.),” Kelly shared in a subsequent X post.

Though some people agreed, calling Usher’s 13-minute performance “PG,” other onlookers once again clapped back at Kelly, bashing her for her negative commentary on the game.

“Truly can’t fathom being this miserable a person,” one user wrote.

“She’s live tweeting observations about a game she supposedly hates everything about,” another said.

Kelly also weighed in when the Chiefs’ star tight end Travis Kelce’s emotions bubbled over during the second quarter in a now-viral moment when he could be seen screaming on the sidelines at head coach Andy Reid — and again when the NFL panned to Taylor Swift.

Kelly also wasn’t amused with Discover’s commercial starring Jennifer Coolidge — which she said “sucked” — though she gave the T-mobile ad featuring Bradley Cooper and his mother and BMW’s spot with Christopher Walken a “thumbs up.”

Overall, the roster of highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials had “absolutely zero risk-taking,” according to Kelly.

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