Lindsay Hubbard claimed Carl Radke is “not a very sexual person” while detailing their sex life on the latest episode of Summer House.

“How often are you having sex?” Paige DeSorbo asked during the Thursday, March 21, episode of the Bravo series, which was filmed in July 2023. Lindsay, 37, replied, “Like, once every couple of weeks.”

Paige, 31, was shocked by Lindsay’s revelation, telling her, “You gotta change that!”

“You’re probably having sex with your long-distance boyfriend more than me,” Lindsay said, referring to Paige’s relationship with Southern Charm’s Craig Conover who lives in a different state. Paige teased, “Craig and I are f–king all the time.”

Amanda Batula noted that Lindsay shouldn’t “compare” her and Carl’s romance to that of hers with Kyle Cooke since they’ve been together nearly a decade. However, Amanda said that during year two of their relationship Amanda, 32, and Kyle, 42, had sex “every day.”

Lindsay shared that when she and Carl, 39, are intimate they have “such good sex,” but hinted that Carl didn’t seem interested in upping their bedroom game.

“Your f–king boyfriend, and your husband are initiating. Mine just doesn’t even initiate,” she claimed of her then-fiancé.

While Amanda and Paige encouraged Lindsay to keep trying with Carl, Paige later expressed concerns about their relationship during a confessional.

“I feel like when people talk about their sex life, they lie a little,” she told the cameras, explaining that Lindsay saying they “don’t have sex for two weeks at a time” means in “girl math” that it was really “six weeks” of nothing. “I don’t make the rules, but that’s alarming,” Paige confessed.

Carl wasn’t in the Hamptons when Lindsay opened up to the girls about their bedroom problems. Kyle, meanwhile, told the group of guys that he’d heard about similar issues between the couple from friends.

“I have been told by people who have been to their apartment that by the looks of it … they might be sleeping separately there too,” Kyle claimed while speaking with Craig, who was in town to visit Paige, and housemates Jesse Solomon and West Wilson.

Kyle noted that based on Carl and Lindsay’s drama during the first few weeks of summer he thought there were “deep rooted issues” between them. “I’m worried for the guy,” he confessed.

Earlier this season, Lindsay accused Carl of doing drugs on several occasions, which he adamantly denied. The tension led to Carl deciding to skip that Friday in the Hamptons to try and “break the cycle of the Friday night fight.”

Us Weekly confirmed in August 2023 that after filming season 8, Carl called off his engagement to Lindsay. The pair planned to tie the knot that November.

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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