LAS VEGAS — The Har-Bowl ended the 2011 NFL season. The Kelce Bowl was last year. Next up should be a Bosa Bowl, right?

Niners defensive end Nick Bosa will play Sunday against Travis Kelce’s Chiefs in Super Bowl 2024, but the idea of returning to the big stage one day against the Chargers with his older brother Joey on the other side “would be pretty cool.”

“I don’t know if we’d get as much attention as those two,” Nick quipped about the famous Kelces.

The Chargers should be on the upswing soon after hiring head coach Jim Harbaugh last month.

Harbaugh, who coached the 49ers before Nick was drafted, coached against his brother when John’s Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII.

Nick Bosa recalled putting himself in both Kelces’ shoes last year when Travis’ Chiefs beat Jason’s Eagles.

“It would be tough,” said Nick, who was part of the 49ers’ team that lost to the Chiefs just four years ago. “I actually kind of felt for them when I saw video of them talking after the game. Losing the Super Bowl is not fun. Taking it from your brother has to be a bittersweet deal.”

Nick said that Joey is more “happy for him” than jealous that the brotherly scorecard is 2-0 in Super Bowl appearances.

Kelce wants Chiefs to play in Spain

The NFL announced this week it will play a regular-season game in Spain in 2025, and Kansas City star tight end Travis Kelce made it clear he’d like the Chiefs to be one of the teams playing that game.

“It would be epic,’’ Kelce said. “It would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’m going to go talk to [Chiefs owner] Clark Hunt right now about getting that bid in. Any chance that we can get as American football players to get out of the States to play internationally, I think you’d be silly not to jump at that opportunity.

“We had an amazing time in Germany this year, we’ve been to Mexico City, London. The fan bases are every bit as electric if not more from the United States. If the Chiefs get out to Spain, baby, we’ll make sure to have some fun.’’

Reid: Experience helps in prep

Chiefs coach Andy Reid has a specific plan for his players in the immediate lead-up to the Super Bowl, saying, “Experience does help,’’ having done this four times in the last five years. “We have a game plan for that,’’ Reid said. “We ask them to get off their feet, pump the brakes and relax so they don’t use all their energy. Then, with five minutes left [before going onto the field], get moving.’’

McCaffrey has Olympic dream

No one denies that Christian McCaffrey is one of the NFL’s most dynamic running backs. The 49ers star is a supreme athlete and does have a private desire, as far as his blazing speed.

“Winning a gold medal in the 100-meter dash, that would be one of the coolest things ever, because you’re the fastest man in the world, that would be awesome,’’ McCaffrey said. “I always wanted to run track, I always wanted to be much faster. I think when you get to that Olympic-level speed and you start to get to these college-level speeds, I don’t know a football player, there’s a couple of guys who can seriously run in the league but that’s a different level of speed. I think there’s just levels to every professional sport.’’

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