Tesla’s long-delayed — and pricey — Cybertrucks are getting panned by furious owners for malfunctioning at an alarming rate just months after Elon Musk’s futuristic vehicle hit the road.

Tales of the stainless steel Cybertrucks dying after traveling just 1 mile, randomly hard-braking on a wide-open road and already showing rust spots, among other gripes, were shared in the Tesla Owners’ Club forum.

In a thread titled “Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes),” a Southern California-based owner wrote that after taking his truck for a spin the same day it was delivered last month, the vehicle “made it 1 mile down road, started getting steering error, flashing red screen, pulled off side of highway now the truck is dead and I’m waiting for a tow truck.”

“Dealer couldn’t do anything for me. It was great for 5 minutes. Tried everything, restarting, screen is stuck black and keeps beeping,” the user added in the thread, first reported on by automotive news site Jalopnik.

The owner received the vehicle, which starts at $80,000, one month after the highly-publicized trucks went on sale last December — two years behind schedule.

“Tesla really rushed these trucks out, what a nightmare,” the disappointed owner said.

Tesla representatives did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Another user on the thread shared a photo of their Cybertruck flashing a red screen that warned, “Pull over safely. Critical steering issue detected.”

“A lot of trucks are having high-voltage issues…which makes the trucks unusable,” the user added.

A separate thread featured a “WTF moment” in which the owner said his Cybertruck’s auto-pilot feature seemingly malfunctioned as another truck approached in the other lane while both were driving on a highway.

“My Cybertruck suddenly made a hard brake stop when we both have a clear wide enough space between us,” the user, who goes only by Andrew, wrote.

“Luckily there is no vehicle at the back as it would have been a definite collision.”

“Note: The auto-pilot is simply a glorified reactive cruise control,” Andrew concluded his post.

On another discussion board, Tesla Motors Club, a Cybertruck owner wrote a review so critical of Tesla’s supposedly highest-tech vehicle that the user was barred from the Cybertruck Owners’ Forum.

“But people need to hear the truth,” the Canada-based owner, JPinaJeep, wrote on Tesla Motors Club, per Jalopnik.

“No, it’s not glorious. The Cybertruck isn’t a truck. It’s a toy truck at best, an experimental concept at worst. I rented mine in LA, and spent 24 hours with it.”

During the test drive, JPinaJeep asked “what the heck happened” to the suspension. “It doesn’t take bumps or potholes well. It is atrociously bad.”

In addition, the steering was “actually nice, but the steering wheel is WAY too small. Like, awkwardly small.”

And according to JPinaJeep, Cybertrucks’ headlights had “piss poor performance in the dark.”

JPinaJeep said the windshield wipers were “not good enough,” the windshield itself had “bad” glare, leading to visibility that’s “borderline dangerous.”

“Cost cutting,” the user wrote of the truck, which was released two years behind schedule. “C’mon now, it’s 2024, it’s a 100k truck, you gotta expect more.”

Tesla’s website, meanwhile, touts that the Cyberbeast’s cool $99,990 price tag comes with a futuristic exterior design — which other Owners Club forums have complained quickly developed “corrosion” and “orange rust marks.”

The vehicle boasts a range of 320 miles on a full charge, but owners said it could take anywhere from seven to roughly 14.5 hours to achieve that depending on the charging socket.

YouTuber Kyle Conner, known on the platform as Out of Spec Motoring, was only able to reach 79% of the Cyberbeast’s target range, about 200 miles, during a livestreamed unofficial range test.

Meanwhile, Musk has already set his sights on making his beloved Cybertruck able to traverse landscapes, teasing last month that the electric vehicle may soon be able to function as a boat.

“We are going to offer a mod package that enables Cybertruck to traverse at least 100m of water as a boat,” Musk shared to X earlier this year.

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