In the 2024 US elections, the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic has been almost entirely ignored by both major capitalist candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, as well as almost every third party campaign. Only the Socialist Equality Party and its candidates Joseph Kishore and Jerry White have identified the pandemic as a significant ongoing issue and advanced a socialist program to stop it.

Contrary to the lies of the corporate media and political establishment, the pandemic is ongoing, and COVID-19 continues to infect, kill and debilitate masses of people globally each day. There have now been over 28.5 million excess deaths attributable to the pandemic globally, including over 1.4 million in the US, while over 4,000 people continue to die each day globally due to COVID-19 or its myriad health impacts. Studies estimate that hundreds of millions of people throughout the world are now suffering from Long COVID, with their ranks swelling with each new wave of mass infection.

What accounts for the silence of all the capitalist and middle class parties on this world historic event that has impacted every human being and profoundly altered global society?

The pandemic, which began just over four years ago, was arguably the central issue in the 2020 US elections. The horrifying response of the Trump administration, which combined the most blatant pro-capitalist policies with extreme backwardness and hostility to science, shocked millions of Americans.

While Trump whipped up his fascist supporters to oppose limited lockdowns and all other basic public health measures, Biden claimed that he would “follow the science” and stop the pandemic. In the final debate in October 2020, when just over 200,000 Americans had died of COVID-19, Biden declared, “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.” 

Donald Trump and Joe Biden participate in the final presidential debate on October 22, 2020 [AP Photo/Chip Somodevilla/Pool via AP]

After winning the election, Biden immediately rejected lockdowns and initiated the full reopening of all public schools before any educators or children were even vaccinated. Since Biden’s inauguration, over 720,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, the majority of the 1,186,671 total official deaths.

Biden’s new CDC Director Rochelle Walensky proclaimed masks the “Scarlet Letter” of the pandemic and encouraged the lifting of mask mandates. After Biden prematurely declared “independence” from COVID-19 in July 2021, the CDC covered up the spread of the Delta variant and breakthrough infections.

The global spread of the Omicron variant in November 2021 prompted the Biden administration to fully embrace Trump’s fascistic “herd immunity” program, steadily abandoning all public health measures and allowing the virus to spread unchecked. Promoting eugenicist conceptions, in January 2022 Walensky deemed it “encouraging news” that COVID-19 predominantly kills people who are “unwell to begin with.”

The normalization of the pandemic culminated in the scrapping of the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) declaration in May 2023. This led to the dismantling of all pandemic surveillance and mass disenrollment from Medicaid, with over 19 million Americans losing access to healthcare over the past year.

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