There’s only one Mr. October.

Reggie Jackson is one of the most charismatic and candid former players in the sport.

He’s done it from winning World Series to making All-Star teams to working in front offices, which he does now as a special advisor to owner Jim Crane with the Astros.

Reggie joined Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman this week on “The Show” podcast.

He breaks down what is going on with the Athletics and how it is an embarrassment to MLB.

The Baseball Hall of Famer also details why his time in the front office ended with the Yankees.

‘The Show’ podcast with Joel Sherman & Jon Heyman:

  • PITCHING INJURIES: Pitchers around baseball are getting hurt. What’s the reasoning for so many starting pitchers going to the IL?

Reggie Jackson Interview:
Baseball Hall of Famer

  • ASTROS: Any concerns over the slow start? What’s the outlook of the team?
  • THREE-HOMER WORLD SERIES GAME: Looking back to his memorable three-homer game in the 1977 World Series.
  • ATHLETICS: Embarrassed for baseball. “They’re a AAAA team, not a major league team.” What happened when you tried to get the team? It’s an ugly mark on the game.
  • YANKEES: Still pulls for the Yankees, except when they play the Astros. It’s a special place. What happened that ended his time with the Yankees? Was spending more time in the minor leagues than in the major leagues.
  • FUTURE OF ASTROS: Will they be able to keep Bregman and Tucker? Won’t go beyond the budget if it gets there.


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