Users on TikTok are raising concerns due to a new viral video that appears to freeze their feeds after viewing it.

TikToker @noahglenncarter, who regularly posts about viral trends on the platform, made a post explaining the video that “has broken TikTok.”

“You literally cannot scroll past it,” Noah exclaimed in the video that has garnered 12.1 million views.

The clip doesn’t actually affect people’s phones — just their TikTok app. In a yet-to-be-discovered way, it manipulates the user interface to prevent people from scrolling through their “for your page.”

“On the video it says, ‘Unfortunately I have to stop you from scrolling,’ and it means it because once you come across this video you cannot scroll past it,” Noah said.

He added that he had to completely close out of the app just to be able to scroll again after viewing the video and shared a screenshot of the video’s comments that saw other people having the same exact issue.

While Noah doesn’t quite yet know how the person can forbid people from scrolling past the video, he has a few theories.

He shared that he believes it’s either something to do with the audio or the picture used in the clip.

Noah even tested out the audio theory by using the same audio in his explanation video, saying that if the audio is the culprit, users won’t be able to scroll past this video either.

“But if you’re able to scroll past this video, then the picture that they use in the video must somehow be manipulated,” he said, adding that it’s similar to how some people are posting slideshows with more pictures than the app allows.

“If everybody figures out how to make their videos like this video, then TikTok is done because nobody on the app will be able to scroll past anything,” he declared.

As of now, it appears the only way to fix it is to close out of the app and reopen it.

The Post has reached out to TikTok for comment.

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