This city’s self-loving citizens sure put the “touch” in touchdown.

Travis Kelce may have hit the dance floor with Taylor Swift following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win on Sunday night — but the team’s hometown fans found a far freakier way to celebrate.

According to PornHub, activity on the X-rated website surged in the city after the nail-biting victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

Salacious data shared with The Post shows Kansas City residents began Sunday evening by swapping frisky for football, with traffic down 30% around the time of the game’s kick-off.

As the Super Bowl stretched into extra time, traffic plunged even further, down a whopping 47% at 10 p.m.

But after the city’s team stopped playing, the city’s residents started playing — with themselves.

Site use in Kansas City skyrocketed after the Super Bowl win as elated fans blew off steam online.

At 2 a.m. Monday, PornHub was seeing site use in the city 17% higher than average, making it the horniest place in America with denizens enjoying adult entertainment well into the wee hours.

It was a different story in San Francisco, however, with dejected fans feeling far less freaky.

Data from the Golden Gate City shows PornHub activity up by a meager 4%.

Meanwhile, across America, PornHub had a slow Sunday night of traffic as citizens spent the evening glued to the game.

Viewership was down 21% across the nation but dropped most substantially in the Midwest.

Idaho, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, the Dakotas, Iowa and Indiana saw traffic drops of 30% or higher.

But those who did tune in to watch some porn seemingly had the big game on their mind.

PornHub reports that searches for the term “Super Bowl” increased by a jaw-dropping 5,595%.

Many seemed stimulated by the NFL players on the field with searches for “American football player” up 1,097% and “naked men in locker rooms” increasing by 525%.

“Football cheerleader,” “hot horny cheerleader” and “thick cheerleader” also saw a significant rise right across the nation.

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