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Finding trendy and budget-friendly items in today’s fashion landscape can be tough. Sometimes, garments can be so expensive but not up to par in the quality department — and in other cases, the product may be relatively affordable and lack longevity and durability. In this case, what’s the best move? Lookalike handbags have taken center stage recently due to inflation and other economic concerns, and it’s now easier than ever to find budget-friendly and similar or nearly identical options to channel our favorite stars. With that in mind, we found a designer-style handbag that’s bound to make friends and strangers alike ask where you got it — and it’s only $23 at Amazon!

This Avalon Small Tote Bag from Amazon’s influencer-inspired The Drop is the ultimate luxury lookalike. It’s made from a 100% polyurethane material for a sturdy-yet-soft faux-leather feel, and has a polyester lining. In terms of versatility, this tote bag comes with an attachable and adjustable strap for easy carrying — and it’s available in 13 chic shades!

Get The Drop Women’s Avalon Small Tote Bag for $23 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate as of January 13, 2024, but may be subject to change.

This tote bag is incredibly on trend and feels akin to popular purses from brands like Bottega Veneta and The Row (without the lofty price tags, obviously). That said, styling it is a breeze — especially if you prefer minimalist options. To rock the trusty tote, team it with a sleek overcoat, sweater jeans and your favorite calf-length boots for a streamlined look. Also, you can pair it with a blouse, a frilly skirt and sneakers for a sporty aesthetic — it’s literally up to you!

No surprise here: Shoppers are crushing on this haute bargain, with one Amazon reviewer noting, “I LOVE LOVE LOVE this handbag! It is cute and a great camel color. The opening is small, but it is sufficient for getting stuff in and out. This is not a carry-all purse. It is a cute grab-and-go bag.”

Another Amazon reviewer said, “I just love this purse. When I first got it, I thought, ‘Oh dear, it’s too small to carry all my stuff,’ But I immediately started loading my stuff into it from my old purse, and it all fit, and it was so easy to carry. I don’t know how I lived without it.”

If you’re still not sold, allow Us to share one more rave review: “I’m always on the hunt for a cute handbag that is not super expensive but super stylish. I read the reviews on this little beauty and added it to my cart. I’m so happy I did! I bought the adobe version (otherwise known as camel) & absolutely love it! It’s a totally different rendition of a wristlet. It holds my wallet, reading glasses case, & phone just fine without being bulky. The zippered side pocket is a good size. I was afraid it would be too small/shallow, but it’s a typical size. Another thing I love is the malleability; this little bag holds its shape but isn’t super stiff. Even though it isn’t leather, it’s the next best thing. I’m curious as to how it will hold up, but for the money, if it lasts a year or two, totally worth it.”

Functional and fashionable don’t always go hand in hand, but thanks to The Drop, your new bag is on its way — all that’s left to do is smash that “Add to Cart” button!

See it: Get The Drop Women’s Avalon Small Tote Bag for $23 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate as of January 13, 2024, but may be subject to change.

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