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The latest intraday session has seen approximately 15% of tracked digital assets on an upward trajectory. SKALE leads the pack with an impressive 19.34% surge over the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, Neutron stands out as the top decliner, experiencing a significant dip of -15.72% within the same timeframe.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – Top List

In recent trading, Bitcoin experienced notable price movement, reaching a peak of $47,901, marking its highest value since March 2022, as per data from Coin Metrics. However, the cryptocurrency subsequently declined to as low as $44,816.94. Presently, it stands at $46,162.79, indicating a decrease of over 1%.

1. Rocket Pool (RPL)

Rocket Pool is making waves in the Ethereum sector, hitting the top crypto gainers today. The Ethereum-based token is valued at $32.25, marking a 14.15% increase in the last 24 hours, with a trading volume of $25.19M. 

Furthermore, its market cap is $644.72M, capturing a market dominance of 0.04%. Assessment of market sentiment reflects a current bullish trend for Rocket Pool. This prediction aligns with a Fear & Greed Index indicating 73 (Greed).

RPL Price Chart

Moreover, the circulating supply of Rocket Pool presently accounts for 19.99M RPL out of a maximum supply of 19.11M RPL. Over the last year, 9.71M RPL tokens were created, translating to a yearly supply inflation rate of 94.47%. Within the Ethereum (ERC20) Tokens sector, Rocket Pool is at #26 regarding market cap.

Rocket Pool’s recent performance highlights include a 29% price surge over the past year. Consistent trading above the 200-day simple moving average further emphasizes RPL’s performance. In addition, it has a strong liquidity position driven by its substantial market cap.

2. Pendle (PENDLE)

Pendle has entered the top crypto gainers today, valued at $1.445885 with a 24-hour trading volume of $127.51M. The coin has surged impressively by 17.60% within the last 24 hours, indicating noteworthy market movement. Moreover, Pendle’s market cap is $342.51M, accompanied by a 0.02% market dominance, drawing significant attention in recent trading.

PENDLE Price Chart PENDLE Price Chart

Market sentiment remains bullish, aligned with a Greed Index reading of 73, reflecting positive investor sentiment towards Pendle. Meanwhile, Pendle has outperformed 100% of the top 100 crypto assets over the past year, surpassing benchmarks set by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Technically, Pendle consistently trades above its 200-day simple moving average, indicating sustained positive momentum. Moreover, its high liquidity, supported by a robust market cap, solidifies its stability within the market.

3. Optimism (OP)

Technical indicators highlight OP’s strong performance in the last intraday trading session. The token trades consistently above the 200-day simple moving average, signaling a sustained upward trend. Meanwhile, recent trading patterns reveal 17 positive trading days out of the last 30, accounting for a 57% positive trend.

Furthermore, OP’s trading price is $3.63, backed by a considerable 24-hour trading volume of $1.72 billion. In addition, it boasts a market cap of $779.26 million, denoting significant liquidity. Despite an intraday increase of 10.66%, the coin experienced its all-time high of $4.17 on Dec 27, 2023.

OP Price Chart OP Price Chart

Moreover, OP’s current circulating supply is 214.75 million out of a maximum supply of 4.29 billion. Also, Optimism holds the fifth position in the Layer 2 sector by market cap. Likewise, the overall sentiment surrounding its price prediction remains bullish, while the Fear & Greed Index currently registers at 73 (Greed).

4. Sponge V2 ($SPONGE V2)

Sponge V2 has experienced substantial growth since its inception, marked by a noteworthy increase in its initial valuation from $1 million. The token surged to a peak market capitalization exceeding $100 million in 2023, eventually stabilizing at $16 million. In addition, the project has amassed a user base of more than 11,500 holders, showcasing a significant and engaged community.

At the core of Sponge V2 lies its Stake-to-Bridge model, strategically crafted to assist $SPONGE holders in migrating to the V2 system. This model actively encourages existing holders’ involvement by employing staking mechanisms, effectively incentivizing users’ participation in the updated ecosystem.

Moreover, the project’s roadmap outlines plans for primary exchange listings, hinting at potential expansion opportunities. With the support of a community of 30,000 members, Sponge V2 has captured the attention of investors exploring cryptocurrency market prospects.

5. Blur (BLUR)

Blur has shown resilience in the last intraday session, marking a 5.86% increase. The coin currently trades at $0.471809 with a trading volume of $323.33 million. Blur maintains significance within the Meme Coins sector, with a market capitalization of $184.13 million and a market dominance of 0.01%.


BLUR Price ChartBLUR Price Chart

Blur’s price prediction sentiment is neutral, corroborated by the Fear & Greed Index, which registers 7. This has placed the coin among the top crypto gainers today, indicating a state of greed among investors. Analyzing its market movement, Blur has been trading above its 200-day simple moving average, signifying stability in its performance.

Within 30 days, Blur experienced 16 days of rally, accounting for 53% of the period, indicating a relatively consistent upward trend. Moreover, the coin exhibits high liquidity, attributed to its substantial market capitalization.

6. Maker (MKR)

In recent market activity, Blur is valued at $0.471809, displaying a 24-hour trading volume of $323.33 million. The coin commands a market capitalization of $184.13 million, holding a 0.01% market dominance within its sector. Over the last day, Blur’s price exhibited a 5.86% increase.

MKR Price Chart MKR Price Chart

Presently, market sentiment regarding Blur’s price prediction remains neutral. In addition, the Fear & Greed Index for Blur registers at 73, indicating a state of greed in investor sentiment. Regarding supply metrics, Blur currently has a circulating supply of 390.26 million BLUR out of a maximum supply of 3.00 billion BLUR. In the Meme Coins sector, it holds the seventh position in market capitalization.

Analyzing recent trends, Blur maintains a position above its 200-day simple moving average. Over the last 30 days, it experienced 16 positive trading sessions, amounting to 53% of the observed period. Furthermore, the coin is characterized by high liquidity, primarily attributable to its market capitalization.

7. (SSV)

SSV Network has increased its price, currently at $33.51, with an intraday trading volume of $250.43 million. The market capitalization registers at $335.09 million, holding a market dominance of 0.02%. This surge marks a 17.30% increase within the past day.

SSV Price ChartSSV Price Chart

Furthermore, the current sentiment surrounding SSV Network’s price prediction remains bullish. This coincides with a Fear & Greed Index of 73, denoting a trend towards greed in the market sentiment. Meanwhile, the asset’s liquidity remains substantial, with a circulating supply of 10.00 million SSV out of a maximum supply of 11.01 million SSV.

Also, SSV Network’s performance highlights indicate a remarkable 144% increase in its price over the last year. The asset trades above the 200-day simple moving average. In addition, it has marked 17 green days in the last 30, accounting for 57% of its recent trading activity.

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