The Donald Trump presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee — working together for the first time in 2024 — raised over $65.6 million in March and ended the month with over $91.3 million cash on hand, the GOP announced Wednesday.

The record haul for the campaign may ease some worries among Trump backers, as the presumptive Republican nominee is facing an uphill battle to both match President Biden’s funding and deal with his own mounting legal bills.

The Trump team is also set to host a mega fundraiser this weekend in Palm Beach, with the hope of bringing in another $33 million.

The Biden campaign has yet to release its numbers for March, which saw the president bring in more than $25 million for his campaign with a NYC fundraiser attended by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

In February, Biden and the Democratic National Committee said they had finished the month with $155 million cash on hand, after raising $53 million that month.

Trump’s campaign and joint fundraising committee brought in $20 million in February, and had $42 million cash on hand going into March, according to filings.

The boost to Trump’s coffers comes as the RNC lined up behind the presumptive GOP nominee in March, creating a joint operation. Earlier in the month, the RNC had voted in Trump-backed Michael Whatley and Lara Trump as chair and co-chair of the committee, and had made major changes to staffing.

“President Donald J. Trump has again created a fundraising juggernaut among Republicans. While he has been the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party for less than a month, the RNC and Trump campaign are one unified operation and focused on victory,” Whatley said in a statement. “We’re raising funds and making strategic investments to get out the vote and protect the ballot. We are going to win BIG in just 31 weeks.”

The Trump campaign has acknowledged that it will not be able to match Biden dollar for dollar, but insisted that its man will still come out on top in November.

“Republicans may not be beneficiaries of the self interested largess from Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites, but President Trump is proud to be supported by donations from voters who are the backbone of this nation, which will fuel Republicans up and down the ballot,” said Susie Wiles, senior adviser to the Trump campaign.

Whatley also showed confidence that the RNC could bring fence-sitters and supporters of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to Trump’s side.

Trump “has cleared the primary field earlier than any candidate in a contested primary ever for the Republican Party,” Whatley told Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria” Wednesday.

“We’ve got a lot of ramp before our convention coming up in July. The people we’ve worked with on both sides of the Republican Party, from the Nikki team to the other teams, are all coming on board and we are seeing the excitement.”

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