Former President Donald Trump went on an all-caps tirade Friday morning, and the object of his ire was presidential immunity.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments next Thursday on whether Trump is immune from being prosecuted on charges of election interference.

Trump made his case against criminal prosecution Friday on his Truth Social platform. And, of course, he made that case in all-caps.

In the first post, Trump claimed in a completely non-self-serving way that he’s only trying to help his presidential successor, Joe Biden, because, “if they take away my presidential immunity, they take away Crooked Joe Biden’s presidential immunity.”

A short time later, Trump made another post where he claimed that “without presidential immunity, it would be impossible for a president to properly function, putting the United States of America in great and everlasting danger!”

Special counsel Jack Smith has accused Trump of conspiring to defraud the United States, obstructing an official proceeding, conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiring to deprive millions of Americans of the right to have their votes counted.

Trump has argued the Constitution protects a president from being charged with any crimes committed while in office.

Earlier this month, 19 retired military leaders filed a brief with the Supreme Court that argued Trump’s “absolute immunity” assaults the military’s “foundational commitments” to the rule of law and civilian control.

Although two courts have ruled against Trump’s immunity argument, Smith’s criminal case is likely dead if the Supreme Court agrees with the ex-president.

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