Former President Donald Trump leads President Biden in two battleground states and is tied with the incumbent in two others, according to a new 2024 general election poll. 

Trump, 77, is up on Biden, 81, in Michigan and Georgia, a Fox News survey of registered voters released Thursday shows. 

In a head-to-head matchup, the presumptive Republican nominee received 49% support in Michigan compared to the president’s 46% backing. 

With third-party candidates included, Trump’s lead in the Wolverine State is trimmed down to a 42%-40% advantage.

In Georgia, where Trump has been charged with interfering in the state’s 2020 election results, he leads Biden by a 6-point margin head-to-head of 51% to 45%.

In a five-way race, the former president’s lead increased by a point, 46%-39%. 

The contests are even closer in Wisconsin and Biden’s home state of Pennsylvania. 

With just the two in the ring, both candidates are tied with 48% support each in Pennsylvania. 

Trump comes out on top of Biden in the Keystone State with third-party candidates in play, 44% to 42%. 

Biden and his predecessor are also tied in Wisconsin, head-to-head, with 48% support each. 

However, the president leads Trump in a five-way race, 43% to 41%. 

The results in each state were within the poll’s margin of error. 

Every third-party candidate – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Jill Stein and Cornel West – polled below 10% in all four states, with RFK Jr., doing the best, garnering support between 7%-9% in each state.

The poll also found that despite more voters disapproving of Biden’s job in the White House – by at least 10 points in all four states – the president outperforms his approval rating by at least 3 points in a two-way matchup with Trump. 

Voters in each state also trust Trump more the Biden on issues related to immigration and the economy, whereas Biden has the edge on matters concerning election integrity and healthcare, according to the poll.

When it comes to abortion, Biden has more trust in Michigan (+5), Pennsylvania (+10) and Wisconsin (+9), while Trump holds a slim 2-point edge in Georgia. 

All four states went for Biden over Trump in 2020. 

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