A rematch of the 2020 presidential election that saw Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump is likely the same matchup voters will face when heading to the polls for the 2024 presidential election.

A new election poll shows Trump with a lead, but third-party candidates are very much still factoring into the equation.

What Happened: The betting odds show Trump and Biden as the frontrunners to win the 2024 presidential election with Trump favored in most election polls and at sportsbooks that offer betting on the election outcome.

A recent Fox News survey showed Trump with a lead that is the largest since they began polling for the current election cycle. Here are the results and the results from the same poll in February in parentheses.

Donald Trump: 50% (49%)

Joe Biden: 45% (47%)

When the poll included third-party candidates, Trump and Biden each lost seven percentage points and neither had 50% or more support. The results are the following, with the results from the February poll in parentheses.

Donald Trump: 43% (41%)

Joe Biden: 38% (38%)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: 12% (13%)

Jill Stein: 2% (2%)

Cornel West: 2% (3%)

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Why It’s Important: The latest poll found Trump led the way in both the head-to-head race and when third-party candidates were considered and he posted gains in both, while Biden lost ground in head-to-head and stayed the same in the five-candidate poll.

The poll found that the top concerns of voters are immigration, the economy, election integrity and health care. Of the four items, voters trust Trump more on immigration and the economy and voters trust Biden more on election integrity and health care.

When asked, 22% of voters said they are better off now than they were four years ago, while 52% said they were worse off over the same time period.

Biden received a job approval rating of 41% in the latest poll, which was down one percentage point from February.

Surprisingly, it was Kennedy Jr. who scored the highest in the favorable category, with 47% of voters saying they had a favorable opinion of the third-party candidate, compared to 45% for Trump and 39% for Biden.

While this is one of many 2024 election polls, the results suggest that Kennedy Jr. could put up some of the highest numbers a third-party candidate has had in years and could also lead to neither Biden or Trump getting 50% of the vote.

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