Things got a little heated in the UFL season opener between the DC Defenders and San Antonio Brahmas. 

Defenders’ Jean Delance was ejected from the game in the fourth quarter after he spat at a Brahmas player as DC was driving to try and erase a deficit. 

Delance, who played his college ball at Flordia, was given a flagrant personal foul and tossed from the contest after spitting on Brahmas linebacker Delontae Scott, which the referee announced to the fans in attendance.

Scott appeared to show impressive restraint as he yelled at DC quarterback Jordan Ta’amu to get control of Delance. 

“Get your man,” Scott, who was mic’d up told Ta’amu. “Ya boy spit on me again it’s over. He spit on me again it’s over.”

Ta’amu then asked, “After the play?”

“Yes. Get your boy,” Scott firmly responded. 

A clip online showed Delance getting walked off the field by a Defenders coach and Delance appearing to be jawing at someone in a frustrated manner. 

The moment seemed to shift the momentum of the game as it appeared DC had been making a comeback. 

The ejection of Delance occurred after the Defenders had appeared to score a touchdown to cut the San Antonio lead to 20-18, but the Brahmas successfully challenged for an uncalled false start by Delance that negated the scoring play. 

During the drive, Ta’amu also left the game due to an injury scare and when he returned he threw an interception to Darius Phillips, who returned the ball 80 yards. 

San Antonio sealed the win with a touchdown run by quarterback Chase Garbers in what ended as a 27-12 victory by the Brahmas. 

The game was part of a four-game opening weekend slate for the new UFL, which combined the  XFL and the USFL into one league. 

There are eight teams in the newly formed spring football league, with locations in Memphis, Birmingham, Memphis, Michigan, DC, Arlington, San Antonio and St. Louis.

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