A violent brawl broke out at a Las Vegas casino following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers Sunday night.

A group of four men consisting of Chiefs and 49ers fans attacked each other on the unidentified casino’s floor in shocking video footage shared online.

At one point in the clip, one man was held in a headlock while being sucker-punched as others tried to intervene.

It’s unclear what caused the fight, but the brawl kickstarted just seconds after the final whistle blew following the Chiefs 25-22 victory in overtime.

It seems as though tensions ran high on the field just as well as off.

At one point during Sunday’s game, Travis Kelce was seen losing his cool in the second quarter after being taken off the field by head coach Andy Reid.

He screamed at his head coach and then bumped into him with enough force to make Reid stumble.

Running back Jerick McKinnon quickly grabbed Kelce.

Kelce was upset as he came off the field after a 52-yard pass from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman set the Chiefs up at the 49ers’ 9-yard line.

Reid called a personnel package that did not include Kelce on the next play.

Kelce later gave Reid a hug, and Reid patted him on the back.

“As much as he bumps into me, I bump into him,” Reid said. “He caught me off balance.”

Kelce said: “I was just telling him how much I love him.”

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Kelce now has three Super Bowl rings with Mahomes.

“Never a doubt in my mind,”Kelce said. “We knew when they had to kick a field goal it was on us. We have the best quarterback in the league. We have the best offensive mind in the league. We’ve got the most determination of any team in the NFL and you saw all of that today.”

Kelce spoke to his teammates on Saturday night, and they said he gave a moving speech. What was his message?

“That we had the formula,” Kelce said. “We know how to go and get it. They didn’t.”

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