This August, the streets will bustle as thousands of people head to Chicago for the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

From Aug. 19 to Aug. 22, the DNC will host events in local businesses, give guests the opportunity to hear from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and host a vote to nominate the future candidates for the 2024 presidential election.

The convention will welcome over 5,000 delegates representing all 57 U.S. states and territories, around 12,000 volunteers and roughly 50,000 visitors, a spokesperson for the DNC told NBC Chicago. Many representatives from the Democratic Party will also be present at the event.

Here’s our guide to the DNC, including what it is, who can vote for the nominees, what locations will be used and more.

What is the DNC?

The DNC is a convention that occurs every four years to elect the Democratic Party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees.

The only people who can vote on the nominees at the convention are the party’s delegates.

What is a delegate?

Delegates are people who represent voters in the Democratic Party. Delegates cast votes to select the presidential nominee on behalf of the area they represent and also help determine the party’s governing rules.

Registered voters in Illinois can become delegates by completing varying requirements based on what type of delegate they want to be. There are three levels of delegates in Illinois: district-level, pledged PLEO and at-large.

District-level delegates were selected on March 19. District-level delegates are the first group of delegates that are elected during the primary election. They need to submit a petition and a statement of candidacy to be considered. There are 96 district-level delegates.

PLEO delegates are Party Leaders and Elected Officials. To be considered for election, they must have submitted a statement of candidacy and a pledge of support by April 12. They are elected only through a quorum of district-level delegates. There are 19 PLEO delegates selected on April 29.

At-large delegates are the last group to be elected. To be considered for election, they must have filed a statement of candidacy and a pledge by April 12.

Candidates for the at-large delegate role are elected by a quorum of state district-level delegates. There are 32 at-large delegates selected and 12 alternates chosen in case some of the selected delegates cannot attend. These delegates are selected on April 29.

Where is the DNC?

The two main locations for the convention will be the United Center and McCormick Place, a spokesperson for the DNC told NBC Chicago.

The United Center will host official proceedings, primetime programming and speeches, while the McCormick Place will host the official daytime party business, meetings and briefings, a spokesperson said.

Outside of the convention itself, there will be many local businesses that will host DNC-affiliated events.

There is a vendor directory and venue map that show attendees where events can be found during the convention outside of the United Center and McCormick Place.

“The vendor directory and venue map aim to connect the 50,000 delegates and other visitors to the wealth of local vendors available in Chicago leading up to, during, and after the Convention,” Natalie Edelstein, director of communications for the Chicago 2024 Host Committee, said. “The vendor directory and venue map are made up of Chicagoland businesses, individuals, and venues –– of which more than 70% identified as diverse.”

While extensive security measures and nearby road closures are expected for the convention, specific details on both matters have yet to be released.

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