UPDATE (12:50 p.m.): Notice three names on Mississippi’s Republican ballot that seem out of place?

FILE - Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a campaign event at Wally's bar, Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024, in Hampton, N.H. A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed Disney's First Amendment lawsuit against Gov. Ron DeSantis, leaving the company's hope of regaining control of a district that governs Walt Disney World in its fight in another state court challenge. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s name is on the Mississippi Primary Election ballot for Republican president — but there’s a reason, according to the Mississippi Secretary of State. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)

Nikki Haley, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy have publicly withdrawn from the presidential election, but these candidates have not submitted an affidavit to formally withdraw from the Magnolia State’s race.

Miss. Code Ann. Section 23-15-1095 requires former candidates to take this formal action to be removed from the ballot.

That means Mississippi voters will see their names as options on the primary ballot.

The candidates “were notified about the requirement pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. Section 23-15-1091,” Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson said in a news release.

For more information, read: Why Nikki Haley is still on the ballot — even if she’s out of the presidential race

UPDATE (10:15 a.m.) WKRG News 5’s Chad Petri is at the Pelican Landing polling location in Moss Point to explore what’s on the Mississippi Primary Election ballot.

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The presidential primary is often the main driver of voter turnout. In Mississippi, turnout is still expected to be low.

At 7 a.m., when the polls opened, there wasn’t even a line or people going in first thing at sunrise.

Even though turnout is expected to be low, the same preparations go into every election.

In Greene County, Mississippi, on Monday, they were loading up voting machines and election gear and sending them to each polling location in that county.

On the Democratic side of the ballot, the House, Senate, and the presidential race are all unopposed.

U.S. Senate candidates in the Republican race for MississippiU.S. Senate candidates in the Republican race for Mississippi

Mississippi’s U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker (R) faces challenges from Ghannon Burton and Dan Eubanks.

On the Republican side, there is some competition; Sen. Roger Wicker faces two GOP challengers in Ghannon Burton and Dan Eubanks.

U.S. House District 4 Candidates in MississippiU.S. House District 4 Candidates in Mississippi

U.S. House District 4 Congressman Mike Ezell (R) faces two Republican challengers: Carl Boyanton and Michael McGill.

In southeast Mississippi’s Congressional district, first-term Congressman Mike Ezell has two Republican challengers: Carl Boyanton and Michael McGill.

While turnout may be low today, every county prepares, no matter how contentious the races might be.

Low-turnout elections do allow county officials to get good training and practice ahead of the general election, which will be all hands on deck.

Polls open from now until 7 this evening. in Moss Point.


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MISSISSIPPI (WKRG) — Polls open today at 7 a.m. for the 2024 Mississippi Primary Elections. They close at 7 p.m.

Here’s what you should know before heading to the polls.

Polling Locations in WKRG News 5’s Coverage Area

George County (via George County Election Commission)

  • District 1: Rocky Creek, Multi-Mart, Ward & Shipman

  • District 2: Courthouse, Pine Level, Agricola, Howell & Movella

  • District 3: Fairgrounds (JC Bldg.), Basin, Davis, & Barton

  • District 4: City Hall, Shade Grove, Bexley, & Salem

  • District 5: Middle School, Central, Benndale, Broome & Twin Creek

Greene County (via Greene County Circuit Clerk)

  • Leakesville Precinct: 1627 Center St, Leakesville (Leakesville Community Center)

  • North Leakesville Precinct: 301A Lafayette Avenue, Leakesville (Leakesville Town Hall)

  • State Line Precinct: 41 Winchester Street, State Line (Old Gym)

  • Mutual Rights Precinct: 348 Mutual Rights Loop, Leakesville (Mutual Rights Congregational Methodist Church)

  • Wade Precinct: 39455 Hwy 63N, Richton (Sand Hill Community Center)

  • Jones Precinct: 219 Brewertown Road, Richton (Fire House)

  • Piave Precinct: 21 Piave Church Rd, Richton (Piave Baptist Church)

  • Maples Precinct: 8235 Old 63 N, Lucedale (Dist. 4 Community Center)

  • Vernal Precinct: 33263 Hwy 98, Lucedale (Grace United Methodist Church)

  • Leaf Precinct: 113 Church Street, McLain (Leaf Church)

  • McLain Precinct: 106 Church Ave, McLain (Town Hall)

  • Washington Precinct: 7733 Old Hwy 24, Neely (Neely Community Center)

  • Jonathan Precinct: 1348 Jonathan Road, Leakesville (Cedar Grove Baptist Church)

Offices on the ballot

  • United States President

  • United States Senate

  • U.S. House of Representatives 1st Congressional District

  • U.S. House of Representatives 2nd Congressional District

  • U.S. House of Representatives 3rd Congressional District (Republican Ballots Only)

  • U.S. House of Representatives 4th Congressional District

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Sample Ballots





Find Your Polling Place

You can find your polling place by going to the Secretary of State’s website. Once there, you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code and address.

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