Are you ready for the next big thing in hosiery?

We recently declared the reign of red tights, but now it’s time for you to hit “add to cart” on another pair of trending stockings.

We’ll give you a hint: much like red tights, this trend also owes props to “Gossip Girl’s” queen bee Blair Waldorf for being an early adopter. If you’re thinking of white tights, then you’re absolutely right.

This white-hot trend probably comes as no surprise to close followers of online aesthetics — hosiery is a staple in the coquette and balletcore styles, which have dominated in recent months. Brands whose influence is evident in these trends, like Miu Miu, Simone Rocha and Sandy Liang, use tights and stockings to add a playful twist to feminine silhouettes.

This trend has been a slow (but white-hot) burn. Back in 2020, white tights dominated Chanel’s spring couture show, appearing in dozens of looks. While they didn’t take off right away, they’re now leaping into the spotlight, including on our Alexa cover star Sarah Paulson.

Chanel has once again adopted the accessory as a mainstay in its spring 2024 couture collection — featured in most of the show’s looks, including the one worn by runway opener Margaret Qualley.

Last year, Gigi Hadid showed herself ahead of the curve when she wore Malaikaraiss in NYC, after rocking the tights for Chanel in 2020. Recent A-list wearers — from “Mean Girls” star Angourie Rice wearing Theory and Kristen Stewart in Chanel to street-style mavericks at New York Fashion Week — have proven that the trend is ready to strut its stuff in 2024.

There are two main schools of thought among fashionistas who rock the white-tight look. The first opts for a monochrome or near-monochrome look, where white tights — usually opaque — smooth the transition as the eye travels from outfit to shoes. Hadid, Rice, Stewart, and influencer Saskia Teje are all fans of this head-to-toe blanc look, which is a sleek and classy way to elevate an outfit.

The second option favors maximalism, where white tights are used as a fun, feminine accessory to highlight a short hem or playful shoes.

The unexpected pop of color gives an outfit an air of curated coolness.

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