New poll numbers show Republican Eric Hovde is tied with his Democratic opponent, incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin, a career politician who has held the seat since 2013 and before that served in Congress dating back to 1999 — in a race that could help determine control of the Senate.

The new survey from the conservative Remington Research Group shows both candidates at 48% support from likely voters in the Badger State, which is among the crucial swing states that will determine the outcome of November’s election.

While Baldwin and Hovde appear to be neck and neck for the first time this cycle, the results for the presidential race paint a worse picture for President Biden.

Remington’s poll, conducted in the days following his disastrous debate performance, shows Donald Trump 6 points ahead of Biden, with the former president earning 49% likely voter support to the current president’s 43%. 

That’s likely one reason why Baldwin’s been avoiding Biden on the campaign trail, despite a voting record that shows her supporting his agenda a whopping 95% of the time.

Another is Biden’s dreadful debate performance and two-week media-frenzy fallout, with much of the Democratic establishment calling on him to bow out of the race.

Baldwin’s campaign spokesman told reporters last week she is “running her own race.” This week, she declined to say whether Biden should remain in the race but noted she’d “passed on concerns to the White House” from voters in her state who doubt Biden’s capacity to govern.

With the walls caving in on Biden, Hovde took aim at Baldwin for her support of the president, questioning just how much she knew about his cognitive decline.

“It would be nice if Sen. Baldwin acknowledged whether she had the same concerns about President Biden’s mental faculties as her constituents or if she has concerns about his abilities to finish four more years in the White House,” Hovde spokesman Ben Voelkel told a Milwaukee paper Wednesday.

This election cycle, Hovde has embraced the Trumpist mold of political outsider and businessman — a strategy that seems to be working. Polls indicate clear “coat-tails” from the presidential race translating to Republican support for Hovde in his contest with Baldwin.

Voelkel told The Post, “Sen. Baldwin’s rubber stamp support for the failed Biden agenda has made life for Wisconsin families more expensive and more dangerous. After 38 years as a career politician, Wisconsin voters are ready for someone who will put results ahead of partisan politics.”

The Cook Political Report ranks the Wisconsin Senate race as “Leans Democrat” but the presidential race as a toss-up.

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