Make-A-Wish Hawaii’s latest Wish Kid promises a heartwarming exploration into the transformative power of wishes. The spotlight falls on Lyla, a resilient teenager battling a seizure disorder, whose fervent desire to become a Navy SEAL became a reality in July 2021.

Lyla and her mother Julie sat down with John Veneri of Living808, as John first asked about Lyla’s medical journey, once marked by daily seizures and physical limitations. Despite these challenges, Lyla’s spirit remained undaunted, earning her the moniker “Little Miss Aloha” before her illness disrupted her active lifestyle.

Lyla’s wish to become a Navy SEAL emerges from a deep-seated determination to defy her illness’s constraints and showcase her strength to the world. Her wish experience unfolds as a two-day adventure brimming with joy and empowerment. From simulated SEAL combat training to scuba diving instruction, every moment made Lyla smile.

The impact of Lyla’s wish reverberates beyond the confines of her personal journey. Over 150 volunteers, including members of Dogs of War and Trident Tactical Group, rallied to fulfill her dream, underscoring the outpouring of support from her community. Lyla’s transformation into an honorary Navy SEAL symbolizes not only her resilience but also the boundless generosity and compassion of those around her.

For Lyla, the wish fulfilled is more than a fleeting moment of happiness; it is a beacon of strength illuminating her darkest days. Knowing that her wish awaited her served as a source of solace and fortitude, reinforcing her belief in her own resilience and even though there were some tough moments as the honorary seal, she really wants to become a true Navy Seal someday.

Make-A-Wish Hawaii’s narrative epitomizes the organization’s mission to bring hope, joy, and resilience to children facing life-altering medical conditions. Through Lyla’s story, viewers are invited to witness the profound impact of a single wish—a ripple of positivity that transcends adversity and ignites the human spirit. If you’d like to become a WishMaker visit

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