BOSTON — Alex Verdugo had 21 career home runs at Fenway Park coming into Friday, but his 22nd seemed to mean a little more.

In his first game back since the Red Sox traded him to the Yankees, Verdugo crushed the first pitch he saw for a two-run home run.

The outfielder, who had been booed by the home crowd when he walked to the plate, enjoyed his trot around the bases.

He pounded his chest, flexed and yelled toward the Yankees dugout in celebration after taking Brayan Bello deep.

Verdugo said before the game he had this series circled on his calendar after spending the last four years with the Red Sox.

He was initially upset about the trade to the Yankees when it happened in December, but has quickly relished playing on the other side of the rivalry.

”I’m a big believer [that] everything happens for a reason, whether it’s good things, bad things,” Verdugo said. “I feel like this trade happened for a reason. Looking back at it, it was better for me.”

The home run was Verdugo’s ninth of the season, on pace to smash his previous career-high of 13.

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