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How many times have you gone to the airport, gotten in the line for airport security, and then had to spend 20 minutes taking off various articles of clothing to get through the scanner? No underwire, certain types of jewelry are a no go, etc. You want to make the process as painless as possible, but that can be hard if you don’t prepare and wear something practically made for slipping into and slipping out of when needed – while still remaining comfortable.

If you haven’t yet perfected the art of the travel outfit, don’t worry. We’ve got your back with plenty of ideas that you can slip on without problematic elements that aren’t only practical and comfy, but breezy options for summer travel. And they won’t break the bank, either. Check out our top picks below.

15 Travel Outfits That’ll Get You Through Airport Security in a Flash

1. Super Sweats: This elevated sweatsuit set is ribbed and comes with a half-zip collar that help it stand out from the rest  – just $41!

2. T-Shirt and Flared Leggings: Scoop up this two-piece casual set and you’ll feel like you’re swishing through the airport in your stylish jammies – just $30!

3. Sweater Set: Jump into this two-piece sweater set for when it’s colder outside and you’ll get through the line just fine – just $40!

4. Suit Up: Rock this stylish tracksuit with shorts and you’ll be zooming through security even if you’re “randomly selected” – just $40!

5. Overhauled Overalls: There’s never been a more comfortable pair of overalls that you can slip on and off when needed – just $36!

6. Pretty Paisley: This fun set of coveralls has a fun print you’ll love rocking on your travels – just $34!

7. More Than A Maxi: Slip into this T-shirt style dress and schmooze past security, rich mom style, as you make your way out – just $30!

8. Sexy Stripes: This is a fun and comfortable collared dress that you’ll love lounging around the airport in while waiting to leave – just $37!

9. Ribbed For Your Comfort: Rock this ribbed crop top and pants and you’ll be right as rain – just $34!

10. Cold Shoulder: Wear this off-shoulder jumpsuit and you’ll be calm, cool, and in control – just $46!

11. Button It Up: Look prim and polished in this simple yet effective button-down and pants – just $30!

12. Two for One: This combination bodysuit and pants means you’ll have plenty of versatility with your outfit – just $41!

13. Beachy Summer Dress: The way this dress buttons down the front is sexy enough but not too hot for the airport – just $32!

14. T-Shirt Stripes: Hit the town in this pretty sleeveless T-shirt dress covered in stripes – just $29!

15. Gym Girl: Get through security and get on the plain in this gym-like getup – just $30!

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