Cohen’s relationship with Radzwill has been different from the start as the pair used to run in the same social circle before she joined the cast of RHONY season 5.

“I used to always be invited to his Christmas party for 10 years because we had the same group of friends. And then when I starred in Housewives, I got disinvited,” Radzwill told Us in 2018.

The former journalist made headlines that year when she told Cohen he “was so full of s—t” at the season 10 reunion, which ended up being her last.  

“I think she’s angry toward the show and me and she felt like I was up Bethenny’s ass,” Cohen said in 2020 of their heated moment. “I don’t think she said we were overly close. We were in each other’s circle for years. We didn’t talk on the phone. We didn’t email but I think we had genuine [care] for each other.”

Radzwill and Cohen’s feud was reignited following the release of Not All Diamonds and Rosé in October 2021. In the book, which the host’s imprint published, they recalled their falling out over how she handled her exit from RHONY.

“Carole’s post basically implied that she was leaving a really toxic situation [and] It really rubbed me the wrong way because I really felt like I had changed her life,” Cohen said. “She is not the person I used to know.”

Radzwill slammed the quotes via Twitter: “Just another man telling a woman she ought to be more grateful. Housewives changed Andy Cohen’s life, not mine. And Bravo built a 100million dollar franchise on the backs of women. Let’s not get it twisted. 💯💪🏼.”

In Daddy Diaries, Cohen noted his first interaction with Radziwill in years was a “business-like exchange” to explain a Housewives hacking issue in 2022.

The pair’s relationship didn’t improve after the formal interaction. In June 2024, Cohen claimed during an episode of his SiriusXM show that Radziwill was behind a shady anonymous quote from his New York magazine profile.

“I know exactly [who it is]. It’s Carole Radziwill, no question,” he said. “It’s the one mean quote in there and it’s the only anonymous quote.”

Cohen added that there are “18 reasons” why he is certain Radziwill made the anonymous remark.  

“It’s not even a question that it’s Carole,” he said. “But it was so weird. I was, like, Carole has said a lot of unkind things about me that she has tweeted and been quoted about. So, I was like, why are you going off the record here?”

The anonymous quote in question, which was attributed to a “former New York Housewife,” began, “The show went from silly humor about middle-aged women getting drunk and being delusional about their status and having funny, petty arguments, to Housewives investigating and doing opposition research and making up false story lines and leaking stories on each other and trying to get one another fired.” 

The anonymous Bravo alum also referenced the 2019 video from Cohen’s baby shower where RHOBH alum Lisa Rinna instructed the Housewives to dance like their “f—king lives depend on it” on tables at the party.

“I just thought it was such a cringe moment,” the RHONY star said. “Because that’s the dynamic. Everyone just dances for Andy Cohen.”

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