Rapper Cardi B, who notably endorsed President Joe Biden in the 2020 election, said she’s not voting for either presidential candidate this year.

In an interview with Rolling Stone published Thursday, Cardi said she’s felt “layers and layers of disappointment” under the Biden administration and is upset about the United States’ destructive role in foreign affairs.

“I feel like people got betrayed,” Cardi said of Biden. “It’s just like, damn, y’all not caring about nobody. Then, it really gets me upset that there is solutions to it. There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any f—–g thing.”

She also said she was concerned about artists of color getting “blackballed” for talking about Israel’s assault on Gaza.

“[America] don’t pay for endless wars for countries that have been going through s— for a very long time,” she said. “There’s countries [where] kids are getting killed every single day, but because the [U.S.] won’t benefit from that country, they won’t help. I don’t like that America has this superhero cape on. We never did things to be superheroes. We did things for our own convenience.”

Cardi has weighed in on politics over the years, speaking candidly about candidates and her political priorities. She threw her support behind Biden in the 2020 general election after initially endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. “I want a president who makes me feel secure,” she said at the time. “I want a president who understands the pain of the people. I want a president who is going to give us answers.”

On an Instagram livestream in November, she publicly criticized Biden over the United States’ continued military aid to Ukraine and Israel while Americans struggled at home, vowing not to endorse any presidential candidate in the future.

She reiterated her disgust with both Biden and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in her interview with Rolling Stone.

“I don’t f— with both of y’all,” she said.

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