TODAY host Carson Daly’s daughter London made a surprise cameo on the show during Thursday’s episode.

The 9-year-old appeared as a “stage manager” during Carson’s daily pop culture segment, PopStart, and sternly told her dad to “wrap it up.”


Today host Carson Daly’s daughter London made a surprise cameo on the show during Thursday’s episodeCredit: NBC
The 9-year-old signaled for Carson to 'wrap up' the segment


The 9-year-old signaled for Carson to ‘wrap up’ the segmentCredit: NBC

At the end of the segment, Carson talked his co-hosts through the show’s “Sweets 16” Food Bracket competition, in which they whittle down the country’s favorite sweet treats.

The Today star explained that there are three choices in the final – chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and cake.

He then pointed off-camera and said, “London, my daughter who you know, is here.

“London says when you think of cookies think of warm homemade cookies.”

“The kind your mom makes?” Savannah Guthrie interrupted, asking the preteen.

“That’s right?” Al Roker asked London, turning to the side.

London, who was standing next to a cameraman, nodded at the co-host before gesturing at Carson.

“She’s stage-managing,” Al joked to the rest of his colleagues.

“She’s saying wrap it up,” he added, mimicking London’s pose as she impatiently spun her finger in a circle in the air.

Al laughed and shook his head, miming a “cut the camera” action with his fingers across his throat.

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London copied his gesture and shook her own head.

Carson shares London and three other kids with his wife, Siri – son Jackson, 14, and daughters Etta, 11, and Goldie, 3.

This isn’t the first time London has appeared on the Today show.

In November, Carson told his colleagues about the odd gift his good friend, country singer Blake Shelton, gave his daughter.


He recalled the time London received a stuffed raccoon from the former The Voice coach.

He began by explaining how Blake stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show to talk about the second season of their USA Network show, Barmageddon.

Today then aired a clip of Blake talking to Jimmy after they’d moved on from promotion and had gotten personal.

London was an enthusiastic 'stage manager' for her dad


London was an enthusiastic ‘stage manager’ for her dadCredit: NBC
She stood next to the cameraman as Carson led the PopStart segment


She stood next to the cameraman as Carson led the PopStart segmentCredit: NBC

Jimmy showed a picture of a stuffed raccoon sitting on a table at Blake’s place and then asked the singer about the odd possession.

The star shared that while it used to “randomly” be at his house, it has since found a new home. 

“Carson was at the house, and London, his middle daughter, just fell in love with this thing,” Blake said.

“It’s like, ‘What is wrong with your kid?’ She’s like holding it and petting it. 

“It was, like, a week they came and stayed with us. And by the time they were gonna leave, I was like, ‘She’s gotta take this thing. Like, it’s gonna break her heart.’”

Carson revealed that Blake ended up giving London the fluffy toy.

Carson shares London with his wife, Siri


Carson shares London with his wife, SiriCredit: EPA
They have four children together


They have four children togetherCredit: Instagram carsondaly
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