You’ll be itching to avoid this.

A TikTok-famous doctor is warning travelers away from a spot in a hotel room — other than a mattress — that can be prone to bedbugs.

“How many of you completely unpack your clothes from your suitcase into a hotel dresser?” Dr. Jason Singh recently asked his followers.

“Hotel dressers, especially those that are made of wood or have joints and crevices, are a risk for bedbug infestation,” he said, adding that they rarely get cleaned.

As it is, research from the National Pest Management Association reported that a shocking 68% of hotels and motels are prone to bedbugs.

A monitoring company additionally noticed a whopping surge of 278% over the past two years, Jam Press reported.

In lieu of drawers, Singh suggests hanging clothes in closets or simply keeping things inside your suitcase.

“Speaking with colleagues in public health and pest control has increased awareness of bedbugs to thrive in unconventional places like dressers, headboards and even electrical outlets or picture frames in hotel rooms,” he told Luxury Travel Daily.

Singh also shared a quick way to draw out bedbugs from hiding spaces into plain sight.

“You can use the hotel hair dryer on the highest heat setting to blow hot air along mattress seams and into crevices.

“The heat will force bedbugs out of hiding spots to be spotted easier.”

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