Jelena Dokic has come out swinging against “body shaming” trolls in an Instagram post revealing her dramatic recent weight loss.

The 41-year-old has been extremely vocal about the troubles she has faced at times in her life, including mental health battles, weight issues and dealing with online bullies.

The former world No. 4, and a Wimbledon semifinalist during her playing days, moved into commentary in retirement and has often been the subject of vile bullying over her weight.

Revealing she has lost about 44 pounds after becoming concerned about her family’s health history, Dokic had a blunt message for anyone that wanted to point shame in her direction.

“It’s not good if you gain weight and it’s not good if you lose weight. It’s not good if you are a size zero, 10 or 18 it seems,” Dokic wrote to her 218,000 followers in the raw Instagram post published on Monday.

“So you all know I am very open and honest.

“Whether I gain weight, lose weight, depressed, feel great, go through the good or the bad, I am always honest about both sides.

“So I thought I would just quickly address my recent weight loss because a few people have written to me and also commented.

“So, I have lost 20 kilos from my heaviest weight last year.

“I had some health issues but also I just wanted to get healthier and fitter and when I turned 40 last year, I really started to think about my family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.

“Also, my work has increased dramatically and I needed to be fitter both physically and mentally and have more energy.

“I didn’t have enough energy especially mentally to keep up. I needed to eat healthier to achieve that.

“So, I didn’t focus on weight so much but just making better choices to feel my best.

“With that the weight started coming off.”

While Dokic has previously faced gutless trolling over her weight gain, she revealed that she’s now copping flak for losing weight and “getting healthier.”

“Now since a few people have already jumped on the judgement and shame train for my weight loss and said that I have succumbed to the ‘diet culture’ and don’t represent the plus size people anymore, please don’t even go there,” she continued.

“Getting healthier and doing what is best for me has nothing to do with it and I have always and always will stand up for both size zero or size 20 people and especially women.

“It was always about not judging, shaming and bullying people no matter what their weight and size is and instead highlighting that kindness is what matters, not our size.

“So, while I have lost 20 kilos it changes nothing.

“I still want people to value me and others based on whether we are kind and good people.

“I will always be proud of myself and not hide or be embarrassed no matter what size I am.

“And I will always be against body shaming and against valuing people based on their size and weight no matter if I gain or lose some kilos and dress sizes.

“Always against body shaming no matter what.”

The sensational post has already received more than 45,000 likes and upwards of 3000 comments.

A number of people have been touched by Dokic’s message.

“You are the most positive, strong woman,” was one comment.

“Oh Jelena Dokic, no matter what you or we do in this life people will judge and I’m over it!! Go you, keep on going,” wrote another.

“The number on the scale or clothing tag does not define a person,” was another comment.

“Keep well Jelena, don’t listen to the noise, you will never please everyone. Just keep doing the amazing work you do, love your commentary,” offered another.

“Looking really terrific & your comments are spot on!” wrote another.

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