She’s no friend of store-bought blends.

Pre-made smoothies and cocktails as well as frozen foods should be avoided if you’re trying to shed pounds, a Georgia women’s weight loss coach claims.

“These foods I’m seeing eaten in excess, not moderation, which can make weight loss really difficult,” Jenna Rizzo said in a Monday TikTok that has enticed more than 28,200 views.

Store-bought smoothies and açaí bowls

The American Heart Association recommends consuming 4½ cups of fruit every day — but Rizzo says store-bought smoothies and açaí bowls aren’t the way to go.

“They are going to be loaded with a bunch of added sugars, and the fruits and vegetables they use are often just a powder, so you’re not even eating real food,” Rizzo said.

“So that’s why I say, just make these things at home,” she continued. “You’re going to be using real food and you’re not going to be adding a cup of sugar to them.”

Frozen foods

“These foods are very calorie-dense, so that means you’re only getting a little bit of food for a lot of … calories,” Rizzo explained. “So this can make portion control really hard because you don’t want just a little, tiny slice of pizza, you want three [or] four.”

She added: “And these foods typically just don’t have the best ingredients in them.”

Research has linked ultra-processed foods like frozen dinners to a higher risk of premature death, heart disease, colorectal cancer, obesity, depression and other serious conditions.

Ready-to-drink cocktails

Consuming alcohol can make it harder to lose weight — booze is high in calories and it can interfere with fat burning.

Rizzo calls herself an “alcohol hater,” especially the pre-mixed cocktails.

“You got to think of the juices, the syrups that are added into these cocktails, which will skyrocket the amount of calories,” Rizzo reasoned. “So you can easily drink hundreds to even thousands of calories in one night. And to add on top of that, I don’t know about you, but if I get a little tipsy, I get the drunk munchies really bad.”

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